A New Online Audio Advertising Channel Bigger Than Television - Has Been Born

Released on: February 16, 2008, 12:14 pm

Press Release Author: Professional Net Marketing Group

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK -- Professional Net Marketing
Group, http://www.pro-netmarketing.co.uk a Surrey based Web Specialists company
announces the launch of \"NetAudioAds T\" PPP in the UK allows Publishers (web site
owners) to earn 100% of generated traffic ... no clicks necessary.

Press Release Body: \"Professional Net Marketing Group is excited to represent the
multi-million dollar San Diego-based V2P Communications Inc originator of
NetAudioAdsT PPP which has over 550,000 registered members to date." says Ken

\"With BPA Worldwide recent audit findings that NetAudioAds T global distribution
network has the capability of serving close to 1 Billion online audio ads on a
monthly basis makes this is an awesome marketing and advertising media that is
bigger than TV" says Ken Kruger.

Television advertising is rapidly losing its effectiveness and impact for product
and brand creative marketing. Digital video recorders (DVR\'s) provide the consumer
or public the ability to fast forward through commercials.

People are generally spending more and more time online as the web offers a world of
information and online entertainment.

Pay Per Play PPP (NetAudioAds T) gives online advertisers a greater degree to micro
target their NetAudioAds T to their target market and geo demographic region or
postal code grid.

NetAudioAds T are 5 second audio ads that automatically play when a visitor enters a
web site with no clicks necessary.

Here are some exciting stats.

* With current advertisers on board we have the ability to serve 7 - 10 million
ads per day, 7
days a week.
* The NetAudioAds T servers are clocking 9,000 hits per second triggered from
audio ad code
in our distribution network.

Kruger says \"That NetAudioAds T can be much more targeted than radio advertising and
provides \"measurable results and Publishers (web site owners) will earn revenue on a
100% of their web traffic - with the unique concept of no clicks necessary\"

Media agencies can now offer Major brand advertisers an opportunity to be part of
this lucrative revenue stream of audio ad sharing media.

Kruger is a web specialist and has over 10 years online marketing expertise and been
instrumental in developing and launching some of the biggest industry virtual
portals on the web.

He helps many companies increase their web traffic conversion rates and presently
offering a FREE Web Site Analysis and Evaluation.

Pro-Net Marketing.com provides a full range of web specialist services such as web
traffic conversion, web site critique, SMART web marketing, web optimisation for
modern business with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Web Site: http://www.pro-netmarketing.co.uk

Contact Details: Contact:
Ken Kruger
CEO, Professional Net Marketing Group
Phone: 0203 164 1647
MOB: 07837514507
Email: kenk(at)pro-netmarketing.co.uk

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