AIS Media Announces That Price of Email With Excerpo Mail Remains Steady At About A Penny An Email

Released on: February 13, 2008, 1:08 pm

Press Release Author: David E. Johnson

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: At About $0.01 Per Email Sent, the Cost Gap Between Email
Marketing and Postal Continues to Widen AIS Media Will Not Respond To Postal Rate
Company Has Not Raised Rates Since Launch Of Excerpo Mail

Press Release Body: Atlanta, GA/February 13, 2008 - AIS Media announces that the
cost of emails for businesses using Excerpo Mail will not rise despite the recent
announcement by the United States Postal Service that it will be raising the cost of
first class stamps by a penny to 42 cents. Excerpo Mail is an email marketing
program used by businesses across the world. While the cost of first class postage
has been on the rise over the past several years, causing many small businesses to
cut back on direct mail for marketing purposes and other business use, the cost of
emails through Excerpo Mail has remained at about a penny per email since its

"One of the largest expenses for most businesses and one of the most essential is
marketing to attract and secure new business," said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of AIS
Media. "The cost of postage is forcing many businesses to cut back on direct mail
and is crippling to their operations. That's why we developed Excerpo Mail. This
has caused many businesses have turned to email marketing with Excerpo Mail because
of the cost-efficiency that we provide with real time tracking capabilities. I am
proud to say that we have not raised the cost of emails with Excerpo Mail and have
no intentions to do so, because we understand that businesses need a way to market
in a timely and cost-conscious manner."

Email marketing is being used by a growing number of businesses in reaching
consumers and businesses. Even the Super Bowl ads, had components of email
marketing that smaller businesses could use and integrate for their own campaigns.
The number of businesses that are using postage for direct mail is decreasing at a
rate of 14% annually with many businesses blaming the high cost of postage as the
reason and the inability to track results as the major factors. Indeed, email
marketing in 2008 is expected to grow by 5.1% totaling over $1.2 billion. Excerpo
Mail is attracting new businesses because of its cost-efficiency and the ability of
businesses to track results in real time at a cost of only about a penny per email

Founded in 1997, AIS Media is an award-winning digital marketing and web services
company provider of professional Internet solutions that delivers solutions that
drive profits, reduce expenses and streamline business processes. The company has
developed a suite of Web-based applications under the proprietary "Excerpo" brand,
which focuses on email marketing and e-commerce. AIS Media's comprehensive suite of
professional Internet services includes professional web site design, application
development, credit card merchant services and Internet consulting. AIS Media's
solutions are available directly and through its global network of certified
partners. For more information, visit:

Web Site:

Contact Details: 2451 Cumberland Pkwy.
Suite 3607
Atlanta, GA 30339

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