All Business Auctions of Largo, Florida CEO Scott Pooler to Speak at eBay Powerseller Conference - RocketPlace - Orlando March 1, 2008


Released on: February 27, 2008, 5:29 am

Press Release Author: All Business Auctions - President - Katherine Naranjo

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Scott Pooler or All Business Auctions to Speak at an eBay Selling Seminar & Conference (The first eBay and eCommerce conference to convene after the recent fee and feedback changes at eBay). The focus of this conference is education and information exchange. Scott Pooler will discuss the real advantages and considerations of including eBay consignment operations to existing small businesses. Other speakers at the RocketPlace conference will share insights about how to add eBay sales and online marketing to increase your small business bottom line.

Press Release Body: Recent eBay news has been filled with negative reports about changes in fee calculation methods and seller feedback. These changes have just recently been introduced by eBay to the millions of current sellers utilizing the online auction service to present their wares to the world. Rocketplace (formerly the As Was Conference) at The Disney World Yacht Club Resort, February 28 - March 1, 2008, is the first conference of Powersellers and Solutions providers being held after these eBay changes were announced.

"We will discuss the changes in fees and feedback but we do not plan on adding to the present fervor in the media by promoting sellers strikes or departures from eBay" Said Scott Pooler of All Business in Largo, Florida. "Our focus is and always has been, using eBay's massive appeal and significant worldwide traffic pull to help small businesses succeed in online marketing"

Mr. Pooler is a 10 year veteran of online marketing via eBay. He has been a Powerseller, a Trading Assistant, eBay Drop Store owner and a Master Franchise Representative for one of the largest eBay drop store chains in America. "I have seen how changes can sometimes cause a stir among the eBay selling community in the past. It is important to remember as an independent seller, your focus should be more about how to use the site to your advantage, we teach those methods to small businesses every day".

As a certified eBay Education Specialist with eBay University, Mr. Pooler has transitioned his business into an Internet Marketing and eBay sales consulting firm. All Business Auctions is designed to first demonstrate and then implement advanced selling strategies and solutions for local small businesses. "We help small businesses with every aspect of getting online, from branding and web design to eCommerce and eBay sales".

Many speakers and presentations will be available to attendees at RocketPlace. Subjects covered will include eBay and eCommerce solutions and resources in addition to utilizing web 2.0 applications and methods to effectively promote your business online. "This is not just a eBay centric conference, we will discuss many emerging technologies and methods to increase online sales" Says conference organizer Debbie Levitt of As Was Marketing in Tucson, Arizona.

"In my business I have seen the effectiveness of these new technologies and methods of promoting via social media/web 2.0, I want to share these techniques with other business owners and merchants. This conference is an amazing opportunity to do that in a face to face situation, I am very pleased to be asked to not only attend but speak at such a cutting edge and prestigious event". Scott Pooler - All Business Auctions

Scott Pooler will be speaking about bringing eBay consignment services into existing businesses, how it works, and how to use these services to bring value to existing customers while promoting your own brand on a worldwide stage. Scott's presentation is scheduled right before the amazing keynote address we expect to hear from Jay Berkowitz of in Boca Raton, Florida - "I know Jay Berkowitz will bring amazing insight and clarity to the social media topics he specializes in. Ten Golden Rules is a great concept and Jay is a fantastic speaker, we will all learn from his perspective". (Jay Berkowitz is the former marketing director of Coca Cola, AT&T, Sprint, and

Worldwide Brands, eBay, Refund Retriever, Kyozou, Merchant Advantage, Channel Advisor, HammerTap Research,, Type Pad - Six Apart, Constant Contact, buySafe, & Blueberry Consulting are just a few of the major solutions and services providers presenting and available at the conference.


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