Anyone Would Pick Up A $100 Bill, Business Cards Are A Different Story

Released on: February 3, 2008, 11:09 pm

Press Release Author: John Valente

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary:

Dollar Card Marketing creates Money-Based business cards as opportunities for
businesses to really grab the attention of their target audiences.

Press Release Body:
San Diego, California,Feb,04,2008 -- The Dollar Card Marketing concept was developed
to do more than simply to replace the traditional business card. Business cards have
been representing companies for centuries, but they are no longer effective in
catching the attention of potential clients and customers. Businesses are actively
looking for some new and innovative solutions that will allow their businesses to
truly stand out.

Drop cards and Sizzle cards may have emerged as one type of alternative, but even
these are lacking in the capability to capture attention. Banking on the idea that
nothing attracts attention like money does, the Dollar Card Marketing concept uses
\'dollar cards\' to allow businesses to capture and KEEP the attention of potential
customers and clients. These dollar bill cards significantly outperform every other
type of traditional business card, drop card, and sizzle card on the market by as
much as 6 to 1 both in customer acceptance as well as customer retention, according
to the company.

\"Nobody throws a dollar card away,\" said John Valente, the owner and designer of
dollar cards. \"Not only are they not throwing these cards away, but people who
receive dollar bill business cards tend to show them to their family, friends and
colleagues. This can provide the host business with more than three times as much
viewership than traditional business cards can.\"

The Dollar Card Marketing Company began printing these innovative business cards, in
$5, 10, 20, and 100 dollar bill denominations, for other firms in October of 2007.
The concept was born when John Valente used them as a means of drawing attention to
a business opportunity of his own, but he found that more people were interested in
the dollar cards than the business opportunity. So he started creating the dollar
cards for other businesses and was met with and immediate and rapidly growing

While he is still somewhat involved in the original business opportunity that
inspired the Dollar Card Marketing concept, John Valente is focusing on the
opportunity to offer the highest quality and most professional realistic cash dollar
bill business cards to customers and clients across the nation. For more information
about the Dollar Card Marketing company, contact John Valente at or pay a visit to

Web Site:

Contact Details:

John Valente
Dollar Card Marketing
3645 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 234-6567,(888) 282-6887

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