Are We living On The Brink Of Financial Ruin In The United States Part 1

Released on: February 18, 2008, 8:53 am

Press Release Author: Dr. Pete Strombeck

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: How important is the next president of the united states?Are
we on the virge of financial choas in the united states? Have we seen and lived in
the best of times? Will this be the last president?

Press Release Body: Part 1
How important is the next president of the united states? Are we on the verge of
financial chaos? Have we seen and lived in all of the best of times? Will this be
the last president?

These are some of the biggest questions of the times. We are facing some of the most
critical issues ever. What can we do about it?
We often use speculation to answer some of these questions at hand. I prefer to look
historical events to help guide us. I am a firm believer that if we don't do
something now we may not have much to look forward to. This is the most critical
presidential race in the history of this country. For a number of reasons, first and
foremost September 11th was not that long ago and most of us in this country seem to
have forgotten the magnitude of the attack. The attack was not directed at the
innocent people that had the misfortune of being in the towers, at the pentagon, or
on those airplanes that day. The attack was directed at freedom, and the defenders
of freedom. Our founding fore fathers of this great nation had tremendous, well
guided foresight when they wrote the declaration of independence, and the bill of
rights. With the inception of these we had rights, and freedom. Somehow this was and
still is resented and hated by so many in the world today. This hatred runs so deep
in some religious circles today. It is even taught, if you are sacrificed, or better
martyred in the attempt to destroy freedom, you will have a "green light, free pass"
to the afterlife of more joy, riches, and pleasures then one can ever dream. Because
of this hatred we are not out of the woods, not even close and September 9th 2001
was only the beginning. That is exactly why this presidential race is the most
important ever. If we don't elect someone that wishes to continue to defend this
country and the rights we all enjoy every single day, then we may as well say
goodbye to them. I guarantee if we elect a weak president that feels we need not
worry about the threat of tyranny from radical nations, and people on this country
we will be living in the last days. No matter how you feel about this country we
have a better way of life than any other place in the world today. Every day that we
can wake up and make our own choices for ourselves is a good day. If we do not make
the right choice this November there will be no more land of the free.

Dr. Pete Strombeck

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Sacramento, CA 95825
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