Avant-garde Creations Opens Utilizing Technology to Help Entrepreneurs Complete the Office Puzzle

Released on: February 11, 2008, 7:57 pm

Press Release Author: Avant-garde Creations Virtual Assistants

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Avant-garde Creations is a new Virtual Assistance company
which provides administrative support services \"virtually\" - Ranging from Typing to
Personal Concierge Services.

Press Release Body: Both Veronique Manning and Erin Reither announce the launch of
their new company Avant-garde Creations. This company provides services to business
owners \"virtually\" via e-mail, Internet, and fax. \"In today's world you must
consider the disadvantage that a lot of small companies are facing in regards to
hiring full or part time employees. The overhead costs, of wages, insurance,
benefits, equipment, etc. will eat the majority of their profits or divide their
time in such a manner that they are no longer able to concentrate on why they
started the business in the first place. Avant-garde Creations is here to eliminate
the time and cost that chain small businesses down. We want to encourage small
business owners to gives us the opportunity to complete their office puzzle,\" says
co-owners Veronique and Erin.

There are many advantages for the small business owner who hires a Virtual Assistant
(VA). Virtual Assistants are the perfect solution for any business that does not
have enough money to justify hiring a full or part time assistant or is spending too
much time on administrative duties but not enough on growth of the business or
clientele. With the use of today's technologies business owners and the pioneering
entrepreneurs that support them equate not only to smart economics but also to a
more efficient and environmentally friendly office.

Avant-garde Creations is based in San Antonio, TX. Its services run throughout the
Internet communication highway, to any office in need of virtual assistance, solving
the distance concerns of most small businesses. Collectively Manning and Reither
have over 16 years of administrative management experience. Avant-garde Creations
is able to provide their customers with a wide array of professional services
producing top-notch results. "Due to our training and experience with both large
and small businesses we have a greater understanding of the needs and requirements
necessary for creating an efficient and effective office environment. We also don't
require any training, making every minute count, resulting in immediate
productivity," says co-owner Veronique. "Our services include typing services,
transcription, internet research, email and project management, personal concierge,
just to name a few. One of our advantages is our creativity. We are both creative
individuals who have the ability to marry our business minds with our creativity
resulting in exciting products."

Lela Barber, owner of "In the Red" feels that a virtual assistant has given her the
edge to make her business a success. \"I highly recommend the services and expertise
of Avant-garde Creations. Veronique Manning has been a great asset to me in setting
up my business. I really like the fact that she cares about helping me with my
business and I can call on her for any questions.\"

Erin and Veronique presently hold memberships with Virtual Assistant Networking
Association (VANA), Alliance for Virtual Business (A4VB), Virtual Assistant for You
(VA4U), Workaholids4Hire, Womanowned.com, and The International Chamber of

To find out more about the cutting edge industry of virtual assistants, or how
Avant-garde Creations can support and fulfill your business needs, contact Veronique
Manning or Erin Reither at info@CreationsVA.com or check out their website

Web Site: http://www.CreationsVA.com

Contact Details: website: www.CreationsVA.com
Email: info@CreationsVA.com
Fax: 830-751-2545

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