Average Joes and Janes Generating Thousands Online - The Tables Have Turned

Released on: February 5, 2008, 4:45 am

Press Release Author: Rick Davies

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Simple people with no webmaster skills, no experience, and no
product of their own are generating considerable income online.

Press Release Body: Ontario, Canada, Feb 05,2008--Just a few years back, online
businesses were a lucrative venture. However, it seemed almost impossible for a
non-technical person with little or no webmaster skills to become a part of this
industry. While this has quickly changed, mainly in the last 4 years with the
introduction of an array of tools simplifying website creation and other tasks, the
industry still required some knowledge and expertise.

One program recently started offering a complete solution aimed specifically at the
non-experienced, non-technical person looking for a reasonable way of working online
to generate revenue. The program is available at www.ProfitMart.com.

The ProfitMart system is a unique and innovative collection of tools. The program
offers a constantly growing list of benefits and features to those who are willing
to explore its capabilities. No experience is necessary for individuals who want to
participate, and no products, websites or set up fees required because. "The
ProfitMart System does all the hard work" says Rick Davies, the owner of

The ProfitMart system was designed with novice business owners and Internet
marketers in mind. However, the site explains it can benefit even webmasters who are
seasoned in their trade and do not necessarily need the extra help. "Anyone can use
the ProfitMart system", and turn a profit according to the site. The site explains
that by following the program step by step and reaping the benefits of all the
resources that are provided to members signing up, generating at least some revenue
in almost any niche is guaranteed.

\"The tables have turned" continues Davies. "No Webmaster skills, no experience, no
products of your own are required - ProfitMart gets everything done itself, and
those who use it can just follow the steps, and reap the rewards and enjoy the
benefits of a hands-free, totally automated system for generating seriously
lucrative profits.".

This program was also designed for people who have previously fallen for get rich
quick schemes, but still have the optimism required to keep trying new business
systems until they find the right one. This system allows individuals to sell pretty
much anything of their choosing, providing detailed instructions for the members in
every step.

Rick Davies is the entrepreneur behind the lucrative ProfitMart business
opportunities. Rick strives to allow online business owners, as well as new
webmasters a chance to generate lucrative profits virtually on autopilot, using
several different streams of online income. For more information about the
ProfitMart system, visit http://www.ProfitMart.com or contact Rick Davies at


Rick Davies
PO Box 46
Wooler, Ontario
+1 6133971596

Web Site: http://www.ProfitMart.com

Contact Details: Rick Davies
PO Box 46
Wooler, Ontario
+1 6133971596

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