BitsDuJour com Announces Daily Deal Software Affiliate Web Stores

Released on: February 1, 2008, 11:42 am

Press Release Author: Iconico, Inc.

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: offers a new program where websites an easily
host our exclusive daily discount software deals on any website and earn great
commission, and get free fresh daily content.

Press Release Body: is a 24 hour discount deal site for software. We
review and feature software for 24 hours at deep discounts direct from the vendors.

BitsDuJour\'s new program allows webmasters can place all of our daily deals on any
website. This means that visitors browsing a site will be able to see the deals and
purchase right then and there. The problem with traditional web-ads is that they
take visitors off of a website and away from yours. With our system users stay on
the site and we effectively provide a whole new branch to any website in a few short
clicks, complete with our review on the software, newsletters, notifications,
comment borads and RSS feeds. We believe that our solution solidly outperforms
standard banner and sidebar web-ads, and provides visitors with content and deals
that they actually want to see, not just more invasive advertisements.

This isn't a standard referral or linking system, visitors will be able to see the
deals and make the purchases right then and there. Store owners will receive all
payments directly from us, meaning that they won't have to deal with the hundreds of
software vendors that we're partnered with. In other words, we handle all the
day-to-day running of the store. All store owners need do is set up and get the
fresh daily content and deals.

On each sale the store owner will receive 50% of the commission that we get from the
sale, so it\'s really easy to monetize an existing website. It\'s a powerful system
and we\'ve already had several stores go live in our inital Beta period.

Here are a few highlights of our system:

- Fresh daily reviews from us on great software, visitors should enjoy our
upbeat style even if they don\'t purchase
- Totally customizable user interface
- Integrates seamlessly with any website and keeps the domain name in the URL
- Email notifications and daily and weekly reminder emails, all branded with
the store name and links to increase sales and repeat visits
- Message board for comments on software
- Minimal time investment on store owner\'s part
- No setup fees
- Full admin system where store owners can track traffic and sales on the store

Full details are online here:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Nico Westerdale
Iconico, Inc.
333 Hudson St Suite 1006
New York NY 10013
646 236 6426

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