Break Free Industries New Products for 2008

Released on: February 11, 2008, 12:41 am

Press Release Author: Valerie Watson

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Break Free Industries introduces new products that can
develop your whole being.

Press Release Body:
Breaking Free Industries - the innovator of self-help products - is introducing its
complete line of products and services: full-length feature film and video
productions; inspirational books; inspirational pictures; inspirational pop music;
one-on-one online personal motivation service, selections of uplifting food, and
other merchandise (mugs, shirts and caps.) And as a special promo package, we also
have the special BFI box.
Breaking free has never been so captivating, indeed. BFI products are completely
unique. Quite simply, our company doesn't dictate what you should do with your life.
Rather, we ask you to heal the negativity all around you by focusing on the positive
energy instead. Our complete line of products and services work as reminders of who
you are; of what your dreams are; and how in the most ideal of situations, you can
acquire those dreams.
Although we know that there are no ideal situations for all of us have to face the
turmoil of daily existence, BFI products and services are geared to promote
positivity and confidence. Our selection of inspirational music, for example, is
both hip and happening - yet its lyrics contain enlightening messages to get you by
the most difficult times. Our movies and videos aren't preachy, but they are
instructional. We created them so to serve as vehicles of motivation but they are
entertaining and pleasing to the senses as well. Speaking of senses, we also have
inspiration books, pictures and even selections of food that are guaranteed to boost
your confidence level to an all time high.
And as a special promo pack for those who wish to experience BFI for the first time,
we have the special BFI box which contains: one year's membership to BFI totally
free; David Adams' CD containing incredibly uplifting music; your own personal copy
of the I'm Breaking Free book; CD containing software that lets gives you 24/7
access to an online BFI motivator; and BFI merchandise like: shirt, cap and mug. The
special BFI box also contains 10 Life-Changing Dream Maker Affirmation Cards. These
cards contain valuable secrets and tips to help us in the different aspects of our
daily existence - from finding love, to establishing happiness within our families,
to getting that promotion at work and even to building up confidence to give others
hope and motivate them as well. For more information, you can log on to our website
Nothing could be more satisfying than knowing that you are indeed breaking free.

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