BulgariaTravelNotes com offers travellers to share their travel experiences from Bulgaria

Released on: February 27, 2008, 2:51 am

Press Release Author: Bulgaria PR Office

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Written by those who love travelling through Bulgaria, for
those who are about to discover it, BulgariaTravelNotes.com is the latest travel
blog aiming to inspire travellers and investors heading for Bulgaria. And to turn
into a space where people share their experiences and images of Bulgaria and give
their advice on how best to enjoy the country.

Press Release Body: Rome, Italy - BulgariaTravelNotes.com is created by travellers
who describe Bulgaria from their personal point of view and share their inspiration
of the country. The latest Bulgaria Travel blog offers a meeting place between those
who have travelled or actually live in Bulgaria and those planning to visit the
country - where they can meet and share in their own experiences and advices.

"We would like to make Bulgaria Travel Notes one of your most positive experiences
on the web, especially if you like traveling or are planning to go to Bulgaria
sometime soon." - says Giuseppe Zappala, head of the Bulgarian Travel Notes project
"It is all about sharing your positive impressions and that is how we would like to
keep it. To offer present day and would be travelers to Bulgaria their own space to
tell their stories and describe the places they like in Bulgaria in their own

And to those who are interested in the Bulgarian property market, we offer customer
experiences and views of other property investors, who have already walked that

"We are an international team of Bulgarian travelers" - continues Giuseppe Zappala -
"and we give visibility to articles from people from around the world (who would
like to share why they like Bulgaria). And we invite people planning to go to
Bulgaria come and visit our pages to read about the places they are planning to
visit and what other travelers can advise them to see and where to go."

What makes BulgariaTravelNotes.com different from the other travel information sites
is the quality of the stories, which travellers share. They are different than the
impersonal information one can find on other travel information sites. Written by
travellers who might not be professional writers, the readers of the blog have the
opportunity to read descriptions of places and advice by their own fellow
travellers. And they get the opportunity to travel though different parts of
Bulgaria even before they actually go there. And when they come back, to share their
own impressions - to inspire others.

To send your travel stories from Bulgaria, as well as to read what you can visit in
Bulgaria when you are there go to: www.bulgariatravelnotes.com

Web Site: www.bulgariatravelnotes.com

Contact Details: Bulgaria Travel Notes
Contact name: Bulgaria PR Office

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