CeBIT 2008 - iDTRONIC presents the next Generation of Access Control Terminals - the new AXR2000 Webterminal

Released on: February 19, 2008, 1:53 am

Press Release Author: Andreas Jaeger

Industry: Electronics

Press Release Summary: February 18, 2008 - iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID
Hardware solutions, will be showing at CeBIT in Hanover their second Show Highlight,
the new multifunctional AXR2000 Webterminal.

Press Release Body: The AXR2000 is the new iDTRONIC terminal designed for developers
of the most sophisticated automatic identification and biometric applications. It
offers multimedia communications to users, and physical field control, in both
networked real-time or offline scenarios.

The AXR2000 has an optimized Windows XP or Linux platform, integrated with iDTRONIC
specific drivers and utilities. It has a 400MHz Celeron processor, 100/133MHz FSB,
256MB RAM PC133, internal connections for CF Type I/II and USB memory up to multiple
gigabytes, as well as a variety of other devices. Two read/write units for all
different LF and HF protocols can be built in for all standard RFID transponders.

The bright display is a wide TFT 8\" (800x600) touchscreen, housed in a IP54 case
designed for easy wall mounting with protected connections only. In addition to all
RFID technologies, barcode and magnetic cards readers are also available as options.

The terminal can be linked via either wired or wireless connections to optional
modules. It can be reached over the network via FTP or a web interface.

The AXR 2000 Terminal can be wall-mounted or used for desktop application.
Designed also with flexibility in mind, AXR2000 can be used for many applications in
corporate environments, high security locations, building/home automation, in
schools, hospitals and nurseries, or also in labs and airports etc.

The AXR2000 supports all Automatic Identification technologies in all application
types, including Telnet, Web servers, Windows remote desktop and manager, and .NET
or Java distributed applications. With built-in Windows XP, you can achieve an
immediate deployment of this new attractive professional device.

The software is configurable for basic Time and Attendance or Job costing and Access
Control applications. At the same time you can develop more advanced enhancements,
which, later on, you'll be able to easily deploy on the installed base.

- 8"" TFT-Display, 4:3, 800x600 Pixel with Touchscreen
- modern ABS-Housing with IP 54 Safety
- Integrated RFID Read/Write Unit for 125kHz and or 13,56MHz

- available Communication ports:

TCP/IP 10/100
5 USB host ports (ready for Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, WebCam, RFID reader 1, RFID reader 2)
1 internal RS-232 (TTL level)
(ready for GSM / GPRS modem)
1 Compact Flash Cad Type I/II slot-

Inputs/ Outputs:
2x Relays 2A N.O. e N.C.
4x Digital opto-isolated inputs

- Internal Manipulation sensor
- Integrated microphone and 2 stereo speakers

Web browser
File server
Remote desktop Client
Web server
.Net Compact framework
Programming environment
iDTRONIC -Driver for automatic Identification

Configurable Input / Output devices:

RS232, RS422 / 485: Relays: USB devices:
- finger print scanners - doors - keyboards
- alarm systems - lights - mouse
- RFIO readers - alarm systems - hubs
- plc controllers - security mechanisms - etc.
- various electronic input devices - activation on other devices
- etc. - etc.

"The new AXR2000 Terminal has already received multiple design Awards, and will be a
natural extension of our existing AXR Access Control reader Family. Particularly
attractive is the wide range of configurable software and hardware features which
make this product appealing for a lot of new applications in the RFID world"
commented Roger Kochendoerfer, Chief Executive Officer of iDTRONIC.

For more information about this AXR2000 Terminal and the also new AXR 200 Readers
including the Desktop Reader, email or visit our website.

You can also contact our North American Distribution Partner Bright Card for more
information and prices - or 301-637-4528.

About iDTRONIC Electronic Identification

iDTRONIC develops and sells innovative RFID hardware components for product
identification, data collection and access control. iDTRONIC's products are
distributed worldwide through a global network of partners.

The product portfolio includes ISO Cards, Keyfobs, Tags, RFID Readers, Mobile &
Handheld Readers, UHF Long Range Readers, and Active Tag Systems. iDTRONIC offers a
wide range of personalization options for their products. iDTRONIC RFID products are
available for the 125kHz, =13,56MHz, and UHF frequencies.
About BrightCard Inc.
BrightCard Inc., based in Bethesda, MD, is specialized in the provision of RFID and
smart card technologies to vertical industry solutions providers. Through a wide
range of relations with major global vendors as well as leading-edge technology
specialists, BrightCard maintains up-to-date information on available technologies,
including cards, readers, and platforms, so as to be able to advise clients on their
best choices for a given set of requirements.

Web Site:

Contact Details: iDTRONIC Electronic Identification
Andreas Jaeger
Donnersbergweg 1
67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Phone: +49 621 66 90 09 - 46
Fax: +49 621 66 90 09 - 49


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