Celebrations around the world - in the UK it is Shrove Tuesday!

Released on: February 5, 2008, 6:17 am

Press Release Author: Emina Sahovic/ Questico GB Ltd.

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Press Release Summary: During the second week of February, Questico and the 'pancake
bell' of London become heralds to Shrove Tuesday .

Press Release Body: All over the world people are celebrating Shrove Tuesday! The
Germans celebrate the day with a carnival, wearing masks, costumes, and always
making a lot of noise. This celebration helps to expell the evil spirits and awaken
the good with the new Spring. This years Shrove Tuesday will also be celebrated in
the UK on the 5th February. The celebrations have become so huge, they can't be

Questico celebrations: Pancake Day will be on 5th February
This time of the year can also be an opportunity to chart karma
http://www.questico.co.uk/advice/karma.htm that is to be carried out, or to predict
its fate. At Questico.co.uk, the portal for life esoteric advice, there is a way you
can take the fate of karma into your own hands - with free advice by telephone: your
first call is free of charge and you have the choice between Astrology and free
Horoscopes at Questico http://www.questico.co.uk/advice/free-horoscopes.htm, Tarot
and Cardreading (including Lenormand and Kipper), and Clairvoyance and Psychic
This is not just available on Shrove Tuesday: Questico has life loving and competent
advisors available, around the clock, seven days a week.

Evil spirits: With Questico they are easy and inexpensive to expell

In the UK, Shrove Tuesday is also konwn as Pancake Day, because it is the one day of
the year when almost everyone eats a pancake. What happens on Pancake Day in
England? Pancakes are eaten and pancake races are held in villages and towns.
Traditionally in London, the pancake bell rings at ten o\'clock in the morning and
heralding the last great day in the evening. The bell is still rung today in
villages across Britain, although Shrove Tuesday is not considered a half-holiday as
it was a hundred years ago. In Cornwall the children used to run through the
village collecting old porcelain and china, then whilst music is being played,
they'd shatter them; this helped to expell the evil spirits. For their reward, the
children received pancakes.

We don't need to shatter old porcelain or china to have contact with spirits. And
you don't need to be a pancake fan or a carnival jester to reach for the stars or to
get in contact with higher spirits. At Questico UK, the portal for esoteric life
advice, there are so many different ways to have contact with the beyond. If you
would like to know more about this, yourself and perhaps your personal future
predictions http://www.questico.co.uk/advice/future-predictions.htm, you can try out
the services free of charge and without obligation at www.Questico.co.uk.

On Questico:
Questico GB Ltd is the leading UK address for advice through astrology, horoscope,
tarot and other card readings. The leading esoteric portal www.questico.co.uk
features advisors on issues about life, love, career and luck; they are available
for guidance around the clock.

Web Site: http://www.questico.co.uk

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