Child emotional and probable sexual abuse by people in high places, Reno Nevada

Released on: February 17, 2008, 6:28 am

Press Release Author: Michelle Kesling

Industry: Law

Press Release Summary: millions in federal crimes involving several agencies in nv
were uncovered in one divorce case. one illegal decision by judge francis doherty in
an effort to cover it all up has cost taxpayers millions in 5 states and will cost
millions more.

Press Release Body: my daughter katie mellema is still a victim of severe emotional
abuse and probable sexual by people in high places located in reno nv. she is in
immediate danger and being abused.

dcfs there is not acting because they are funded by mike willden, director of hr who
uses her to take revenge on me. the attached list of all the people involved has
used every form of harassment they have at their disposal and still loose. i have
started filing complaints against all at the federal level. i have tried to work it
out with these people but it has always been our way or no way.

i will not allow that to happen. the 501 club in nevada has met their match and
although they believe it, they are not above the law. millions in criminal and
corrupt practices have been exposed in my divorce alone. i have most of the print I
need and happy to release it to the press at anytime. that includes all medical
documentation and print on law enforcement collusion.

also in print is evidence that one decision of judge francis doherty has cost
taxpayers in 5 states more then 2 million dollars to fate. it will cost millions
more. i will not negotiate with these people any longer. all deals or agreements
they have made with anyone have been no more then shows and lies.

motives and players in my case.

front line players

motive for harassment personal and/or self preservation
greg mellema-ex military-have print more available.
shannon bryant-ex military-have print more available.
karen shelton phd-custody evaluator-print available.
hal cole, ex mayor of south lake tahoe-victim bryant's computer hacking
-have print.

complaints filed at bottom line agencies. will file more.

middle line players

motive- directed by top line players and/or self preservation

reno pd-have print more available.
sparks pd-have print more available.
2nd judicial family court judges-have print, more available
ag state of nevada-harassed being used and uninformed of facts
-have print, more available
dcfs-washoe county-print available
mike willden - hr director-have print
gary stagliano- welfare director- harassed being used and uninformed of facts.
- print available
ltc blower jag, - dept. of defense-have print, more available.

complaints filed at bottom line federal agencies. will file more.

top line players

motive-self preservation and/or funding

senator maurice washington
ex - governor guinn
governor gibbons- inherited guinn's mess-has own issue with fbi.
cindy kirkland & ig-dod-harassed being used and uninformed of facts.
-print available.

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: Michelle Kesling
17071 Countess Place
Encino, Calif. 91436
(818) 788-4922

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