Children`s Testing And Behavior Skills Influenced By Omega-3 Levels During Pregnancy, Cumulative 2007 Research Shows

Released on: February 14, 2008, 3:52 am

Press Release Author: Mark Nottoli

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Press Release Summary: A child\'s social behavior and academic abilities are
influenced by a mother's level of omega-3 during pregnancy.

Press Release Body: CHICAGO, US, Feb 14, 2008--A child\'s social behavior and
academic abilities are influenced by a mother's level of omega-3 during pregnancy.
Three peer reviewed, notable studies published within the last 12 months used
different methods, but arrived at similar conclusions.

Research has indicated that supplementing young children with omega-3s from fish oil
improves children's focus and behavior in school; these new studies report that the
benefits of omega-3s begin much earlier and may be longer lasting. \"In the research
community, we\'ve known for years that marine source omega-3 fats (e.g. DHA and EPA)
are essential for normal infant development. These new studies show that the benefit
of consuming omega-3s during pregnancy can positively influence a child\'s
development beyond infancy\", stated Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, Manager of Scientific
Affairs, NourishLife, LLC. \"This is critical information, because it is during
pregnancy when most women eat less of the omega-3 rich foods, such as fish, over
concerns of pollutants and toxins\", Vannice continued. Other preliminary studies
suggest that benefits from omega-3 consumption during pregnancy continue into

One study showed that greater DHA levels at birth were associated with higher
quality motor function in the children at age 7 (Bakker et al, 2007). A
groundbreaking study published last year (Hibbeln et al, 2007) in a population of
nearly 12,000 pregnant women reported that the children of women who ate more than 3
servings of fish a week (an indicator of omega-3 intake) had better verbal IQ at age
7. Finally, a study published last month (Dunstan, 2008) reported that children
born of mothers who took fish oil supplements during pregnancy had better eye and
hand coordination at age 2.5 years. \"It\'s not often that studies published within
months of each other, using different methods, have similar findings. At the same
time, we know the importance of omega-3s in human development and we know that
Americans do not eat enough omega-3 in their diet. Should we be surprised by these
findings?\", asked Vannice.

Supplementing with high quality, concentrated and purified omega-3 fish oil
supplements is a convenient way to get omega-3s during pregnancy. "The message is
simple\", says Vannice, \"if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, then
supplement. The most important consideration is choosing a guaranteed, purified fish
oil product\".

About NourishLife:
NourishLife ( intends to contribute to a major improvement in
health and wellness by addressing nutritional deficiencies. The firm expects its
work to help significantly reduce healthcare costs. Founded by nutrition industry
veterans, the firm employs expert scientists and nutritionists committed to science
and passionate about health.

The PharmaOmega division of NourishLife ( ) is the web\'s premier
source of omega-3 information, research and news. PharmaOmega creates specialty
omega 3 nutrition products of the highest concentration, quality and purity.

NourishLife is a privately held company located in the Chicago area.

About Gretchen Vannice:
Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD has an extensive career in nutrition education and dietary
supplement research. For the past 6 years Ms. Vannice's work has focused
exclusively on evidence and safety regarding Omega-3 fatty acids and human health.
She is currently Manager of Scientific Affairs for NourishLife, LLC. Vannice is a
Registered Dietitian (American Dietetic Association), with a Master of Science in
Nutritional Science.

Ms. Vannice is available for phone and email interviews on request.
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