CommuniGate Systems ignites Flash-Based Unified Communications and Media Delivery with VoIP Phone and New Extensible Modules

Released on: February 5, 2008, 8:55 am

Press Release Author: Brian Blank / FutureWorks, Inc.

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: New Pronto! version 1.5 includes a simple-to-use integrated
phone dialer and snap-in modular widget architecture for custom applications

Press Release Body: Mill Valley, Calif. - February 5, 2008 - CommuniGate Systems,
the leader in carrier-class Rich Media Internet Communications, today announced new
features in its latest version of Pronto! a powerful, yet lightweight Adobe
Flash-based Unified Communications user interface framework. The additional features
are designed to drive web 2.0 delivered Unified Communications and the mashup
framework for development of media and entertainment applications.

Based on Adobe Flash and Adobe FlexT 2 technology, Pronto! is delivered through any
Flash-enabled browser, maintaining the same look and feel across any combination of
operating system and choice of internet browser. Adobe's Flash technology is the
best platform choice for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with demanding multimedia
features, like HD quality video and audio, in a low-footprint, high-performance

With version 1.5, Pronto! now provides the ability to make and receive web-based
VoIP calls, rounding out the feature set for a true mobile Unified Communications
solution. The new VoIP features are ideal for remote access to the corporate PBX and
include powerful business class features like click to call from the address book,
programmable function keys, and speed dial. With Pronto!, users can connect to their
corporate Unified Communications services from anyplace in the world, opening up
true mobility and the power of anywhere, any time access.

"Pronto\'s unified view of all forms of communication and media applications gives
our people, and our customers, powerful tools to do their job with a huge
competitive advantage. Pronto! is a unique and powerful way of delivering
applications to the desktop and everyone just loves it!" notes Dr. Simon Edwards,
Lead Business and Technical Consultant, British Telecommunications plc.
"Companies looking for Unified Communications today in the small- to mid-size
enterprise market need complete and reliable solutions that are simple to manage,"
said Sara Radicati, CEO of the Radicati Consulting group, the leading Unified
Communications analyst firm. "CommuniGate Systems has strong experience in the UC
market and clearly demonstrates a growing need for a single dashboard client and
SaaS model of delivery."

CommuniGate Pronto! version 1.5 also introduces a modular framework to address the
needs of mashups and media delivery by allowing extensible customization.
Third-party developers will be able to create any sort of web 2.0 communications
application that will simply snap into Pronto!
Pronto! Modules are especially valuable for network operators to deliver unique
mashup capabilities as they deliver professional HD quality video and entertainment
applications like IPTV with chat, voting, or other rich communication overlay
features. Nearly any type of web services can be tapped and brought into the Pronto!
UI experience-including media and entertainment applications such as streaming DRM
controlled HDTV and movies, music and radio, rich web services, media shopping carts
and access to databases and CRMs. Pronto! brings maximum flexibility to the
broadband and mobile operator to consolidate the user experience, and utilize media
platforms like the Adobe Flash Media Server, or content delivery networks and
management systems through simple XML based web services.
"CommuniGate Pronto! is an impressive product because it delivers Flash multimedia
technology blended with Unified Communications at carrier scale.\" said Ronald Gruia,
Principal Telecom Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "We have seen the network operators
moving quickly towards content and media applications delivery on their broadband
services. The unique capabilities of Pronto! will enable providers to deliver and
customize their value added services."

"We have seen very strong demands for internet delivery of media and entertainment
applications that leverage Unified Communications in the network operator market,"
said Jon R. Doyle, Vice President of Business Development at CommuniGate Systems.
"We listened and we are excited to deliver Pronto! 1.5, the best technology for
Unified Communications paired with professional or user generated media and

CommuniGate Pro offers a scalable Unified Communications platform that enables
enterprise organizations and service providers to seamlessly expand from five to 50
million subscribers in virtual domains with a modular feature set, powerful class of
service provisioning, and a live rolling updates change management capability not
found in legacy enterprise class messaging products. The platform's exclusive
Dynamic Clustering architecture provides 99.999% uptime in a multi-tenant
architecture with no single point of failure, and allows SaaS providers to add
front-end or back-end nodes as needed without any downtime or service interruption.

Pronto! version 1.5 is available as part of the CommuniGate Web 2.0 Suite. In
addition, the CommuniGate Pro platform can provide powerful value added services for
consumer and business subscribers through the Messaging Suite, VoIP Suite, Mobility
Suite or custom applications can be developed for Pronto! or for the server side in

Pronto! is available today as an open and free service at where
users can take Pronto! for a test drive. Additionally, an installable "Community"
version is located at which allows free use of the
CommuniGate Pro Server and Pronto! for five accounts or less, making it a smart
choice for small businesses or the home office network. For installations over five
users, the CommuniGate Pro full featured unified communication server is priced
starting at US$899 for 25 users. ISPs, broadband and mobile operators can contact for pricing information.

About CommuniGate Systems

Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems develops
carrier-class Internet Communications software for broadband & mobile service
providers, enterprises, and OEM partners worldwide. Over 130 million subscribers
including 47 million voice customers rely upon CommuniGate Systems products for
their voice and data communication today. CommuniGate Systems is the most trusted
and financially stable vendor which maintains the highest customer satisfaction
levels in the Rich Media Internet Communications industry. CommuniGate Systems
provides flexibility, performance, scalability, with the benchmark proven
architecture that remains unchallenged in the industry. Our open development
environment with simple APIs delivers extensible flexibility with a unique
clustering technology for 99.999% uptime for the most demanding application
environments. CommuniGate Systems has over 175 members in its partner network

Download CommuniGate Pro today and join the initiative to drive interoperability of
Unified Communications and convert nearly two billion e-mail accounts to a single
identity for all forms of Internet Communications. For more information, go to
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Contact Details: Brian Blank
FutureWorks, Inc.
(408) 720-8228 Ext 114

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