Competing With The Big Boys - Small Company, Big Heart

Released on: February 22, 2008, 10:00 am

Press Release Author: Five3 Designs, Inc.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Competing in the world of web design against large design
studios is becoming harder, but there is an inexpensive solution that help young and
upcoming designers.

Press Release Body: February 1st marked the publication of Web Design Business
Secrets, the book that reveals all aspects of running a web design company. This
book, thought to be the ultimate web design business manual, teaches young and
upcoming web designers the skills, strategies, and best practices needed to run
their own web design business with little or no experience.

Many companies will not hire an inexperienced web designer because they don't want
to spend the time or money required to train the designer how to build a website,
let alone market and advertise it. These designers that are abandoned to learn the
processes themselves through countless hours of reading and trial and error
practice, and hundreds of dollars in wasted resources and marketing, learn over a
few years the processes involved before they are picked up by a local design agency.

Web Design Business Secrets, by Miguel Feliciano, is the first book, priced at $7,
to help these new designers run their own web design business and compete against
the local design companies that passed them up. Is the price a new method of
generating business or is it a marketing ploy? "I'm just trying to help these
designers by providing the knowledge I have acquired over the last seven years. I
know what it's like; I was just like these new designers and now I want to get back
at the big companies by providing that information at an extremely low price."
commented the author of the book. The book covers topics from company formation,
online and offline marketing, client acquisition, automation, and finance.

Not only is this book inexpensive, but it is supplemented by a website where the
readers can get additional reading materials, downloads of contracts, templates, and
spreadsheets, and much more. The book can be found through the website,, and through the online printing company,

Miguel Feliciano is the president and founder of Five3 Designs, a web design company
in Brooksville, FL and also the founder and author of Web Design Business Secrets -
Secrets of Running a Web Design Business With Little or No Experience.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Five3 Designs: 352-585-4705

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