Cosmosing com, joins the Hunger Relief Fight by Making A Few Simple Clicks Everyday

Released on: February 8, 2008, 10:31 pm

Press Release Author: JC Carvill

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary:, an avant garde social networking site, joins
the ranks of Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and U2\'s Bono in the fight to end world
hunger. has chosen Children International as their charity
organization in hopes of providing a better life to poverty stricken areas, such as
Africa, Asia, South America and even the United States by introducing a new program
called Children Care.

Press Release Body: Hollywood, CA February 8th, 2008 - Not so long ago, emerged as one of the premier networking sites. Like so many of us, founders heard the cries of starving children, and saw the images of
them living in unspeakable poverty. They also knew that no matter how much everyone
wants to ease the agony of these children, the ways and means seem impossible as we
struggle in our own daily lives. Today, ( )
offers an opportunity for everyone to take action. With the launch of the Children
Care project, has
again shown us a new way to get things done.

Children Care ( ) initiated by using an ingenious method based gaming by tapping Cosmosing\'s growing
membership base using a Jeopardy caliber trivia game.
The game includes over 100,000 multiple-choice questions based on history, sports,
movies, architecture, music and many others to challenge even the best of
know-it-alls. Most importantly, it provides an extremely easy method for anyone of
all ages or income levels to help provide a worthy charitable gift to our world\'s
most valuable resources - our children
Project Children Care literally brings the vision of \"Hands Across America\" to a
stunning new level. All day, every day, individuals need only to reach out their
hand to, and play a few rounds of
trivia. In addition, business owners that choose to become sponsors gain effective
advertising and recognition for their companies all over the world. With all of the
opportunities to become a recognized leader in helping to end the suffering of so
many children, it is to everyone\'s advantage to visit and take part.
All donations will then be donated to
Founder JC Carvill proudly states \"Our goal is to reach, as many needy children as
possible and change their lives and to make this world an happier place for them.\"
He goes on to state \"Cosmosing\'s social networking community provides an excellent
opportunity to assist in the global charity efforts by providing a simplistic
solution for those who are willing to participate in charitable activities or for
those just interested in playing a five minute brain teasing game.
For more information about the Children Care program, please visit
About is an interactive website where social media tools from blogs to
social bookmarking and social news can all be utilized independently of each other.
It is attempting to spearhead a fundamental change in the online industry and is
seeking to provide entertainment, quality, news and humor to the daily lives of
people all over the world
JC Carvill, Communications Manager
PO Box 1343, 90078, Los Angeles, CA

Web Site:

Contact Details: JC Carvill, Communications Manager
PO Box 1343, 90078, Los Angeles, CA

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