Do You Know What You and Your Children are Eating

Released on: February 21, 2008, 6:31 am

Press Release Author: WW Associates


Press Release Summary: Don\'t you want the best food possible for you and your
family? What makes more sense, buying products that you don\'t know where they are
coming from or the processes they take before you serve the food on the table?

Press Release Body: WW Associates Asks do You Know What You and Your Children are
Eating? WW Associates would like to ask you and your family, where your food supply
comes from and what it goes through to get to your household? On Feb. 18, 2008 The
Los Angeles Times reported that the US Department of Agriculture announced the
largest beef recall in its history Sunday, calling for the destruction of 143
million pounds of raw and frozen beef produced by a Chino slaughterhouse that has
been accused of inhumane practices. However the USDA said the vast majority of the
meat involved in the recall -- including the 37 million pounds that went mostly to
schools -- probably has been eaten already.

(CBS/AP) reports that school districts around the country are trying to find out if
any of the meat involved in the biggest beef recall in U.S. history is still headed
for school lunches The school district in Grand Rapids, Michigan will have to throw
out 10 tons of hamburger meat. More than 140 million pounds of beef was recalled
from a Southern California slaughterhouse after the video showed crippled and sick
animals being shoved with forklifts. Officials said it was the largest beef recall
in the United States, surpassing a 1999 ban of 35 million pounds of ready-to-eat
meals. About 30 school systems across Tennessee already have been asked to hold off
on serving the meat.

If you buy groceries from the store do you know how many times they have been
frozen, what country they come from, where they are stored before getting to your
home? Since 2007 we have seen many food recalls. If you go to you will see a
long list of Federal Cases still open for food recalls. Some of the items last year
were spinach, lettuce, peanut butter, ground beef, pizzas, and even shrimp from
China. Company Details WW Associates offers two flagship product lines. The first
line, is the Fresh Alaskan Seafood. All the seafood comes off the boat, inspected
twice, processed, and flash frozen only once before being shipped to your door. Some
seafood may be frozen and thawed many times before you get home with it. Another big
plus, you know that our seafood is coming from Alaska and not some other country. I
have noticed that in some grocery stores and discount warehouses that the King Crab
Legs are coming from Russia.

The second line is our Wisconsin Cheese Products. Our Cheddar Cheese Products are
aged up to 9 years. That is very rare in the industry that you hear about cheeses
being aged that long. Again the Wisconsin Cheese Products goes from the plant
directly to your front door. Just think about this for a minute, in the grocery
store that cheese is made in the plant, waits for a truck to pick it up, dropped off
in a cold storage distribution center, picked up by truck again and delivered to
your grocer, unloaded off the truck and into the cool storage case of the store.
Then you put it in your cart, walk around the grocery store, check out and load it
in your vehicle to take home. Alot of steps there!!!!! WW Associates All-American
Food Products comes with a guarantee. All that we ask is that someone be there to
receive the shipment. We do not sell any of your information and we offer an 100%
safe way of ordering online. We accept PayPal, Cashiers Checks and Money Orders. To
order, ask about a product, or recommend an All-American food product go to and go to the bottom of the first page and you will see a
box called Request Information. Click on it and fill out the form. WW Associates
offers the highest quality possible selaed in every bag. All of our products comes
with guarantees and our service is second to none and we would like to help you with
all your food orders.

When you go to our website you will not find any prices. The reason behind this is
Fair Market Price. Fair Market Price goes up and down everyday. For example: if you
go to a really nice seafood restaurant and look at Alaskan King Crab or Lobster
Tails you will not find a price but instead Fair Market Price.

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Nashville, TN. 37214

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