Doctor Web, Ltd and Corbina Telecom press-conference - DrWeb AV-Desk - a new approach to anti-virus protection

Released on: February 5, 2008, 12:48 am

Press Release Author: Information Service, Doctor Web, Ltd.

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Doctor Web, Ltd. and Corbina Telecom (one of the largest ISP
in Russia) held a press-conference in Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel. The
conference headlined "Dr.Web AV-Desk - a new approach to protection from viruses and

Press Release Body: On January 30 Doctor Web, Ltd. and Corbina Telecom (one of the
largest ISP in Russia) held a press-conference in Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya hotel.
The conference headlined "Dr.Web AV-Desk - a new approach to protection from viruses
and spam" saw a presentation of the Dr.Web AV-Desk service - a brand-new was of
delivering of anti-virus & anti-spam protection via service providers to every
desktop with no matching competitor in Russia. Moreover, the service is a new
business model that will enable a provider to attract new customers and increase

What do we call an anti-virus? Typically, it is a product in a box or an e-license
with certain functions limited by the very concept of a product. As a rule a usage
time is also limited by a licence and it is rather expensive to an end user. This is
the anti-virus stereotype that has been completely outturned by Doctor Web, Ltd. at
the end of 2007 when it supplied Dr.Web AV-Desk to Corbina Telecom thus presenting
the new product to the Russian market. The statistics reported at the conference
says that over 60 000 of RuNet users have subscribed to the service from Corbina
Telecom in the last two months.

Doctor Web, Ltd. consider it natural. Igor Daniloff, the creator of Dr. Web
anti-virus and the owner of the company said that best technologies developed by the
company were used for the service. "The new service is based on Dr.Web Enterprise
Suite, the software with 5 year experience of development and improvements which has
been successfully implemented in the GAZ "Elections" system and has found its
application in many small, medium-sized and large companies" - added Igor Daniloff.

Doctor Web, Ltd. CEO Boris Sharov stated the following: "The service is unique
because a subscription to anti-virus protection from a provider gets a user licenced
and low-cost (customers of Corbina Telecom get it free of charge) protection of
his/her PC without usage time limitation. In a developer-provider-user scheme it is
not only a user that gets a benefit but a provider as well, for Dr.Web AV-Desk is an
extra competitive advantage and a profitable business model that attracts new
customers. The first experience of the service deployment in Corbina Telecom
networks is more than successful, so we intend to cooperate more closely with the
ISP and promote the service in other regions of Russia".

Valentin Fedotov, a business development manager provided more details on protection
of Corbina Telecom customers by Dr.Web AV-Desk: "Frankily speaking we did expect
that customers of Corbina Telecom would be interested in this service and it would
be in high demand. However, the infection level for home PCs infected with viruses,
Trojans, spyware and other malicious programmes turned out to be beyond our
expectations. Machines were infected by latest malware as well as by old
modifications which only anti-virus oldies can remember. Given that our product may
be installed on a computer infected by any malware we were able to decrease
significantly infection level in Corbina networks".

Eugene Gladkih, the main developer of Dr.Web AV-Desk answered journalists' questions
about technologies used in the service.

A lot of questions were directed to Andrey Borisov, a manager of Corbina Telecom
Home Internet department, for the department could fully use benefits of the new

Andrey Borisov said that Corbina Telecom held a tender which was participated by all
leading anti-virus market players. It turned out that Dr.Web solutions were most
reliable, cost-efficient and compatible with other protection tools. "We chose very
carefully; we needed an efficient solution with low system requirements which would
install on an infected machine. Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus+Anti-spam met our
requirements and now it can be installed on computers of our customers using Dr.Web
AV-Desk service". Doctor Web, Ltd. and Corbina Telecom plan to encourage all
customers of the ISP to use Dr.Web AV-Desk and promote the service in other regions
of Russia. Both parties said that resources and capacities issues would be handled
easily. If another day all customers of Corbina Telecom subscribe to the service,
both companies will be prepared to serve them well.

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