DoggyTug(TM) launches exciting new advertising campaign

Released on: February 11, 2008, 7:46 am

Press Release Author: Rod Collins

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: DoggyTug(TM), maker of the Toughest Pet Tug Toy on the Planet
partnered with Bulldog Mobile Billboards to market line of pet toys.

Press Release Body: Dallas - Bulldog Mobile Billboards is excited to announce a new
Partnership with Doggy TugT , maker of The Toughest Pet Tug Toy on the Planet. In a
unique new advertising campaign, Bulldog Mobile Billboards is combining guerrilla
marketing with experiential marketing techniques to help promote both the line of
pet toys while seeking vet and pet stores to distribute product.

"We are excited to partner with Doggy TugT as they gave us a chance to not just
advertise a fun product on our six foot by ten foot billboards, but also help them
connect with their potential distributors," said Rod Collins, president of Bulldog
Mobile Billboards. "Our drivers enjoy giving a free tug toy and wholesale
information to targeted businesses owners and managers we identified all over the
Metroplex", he said.

"We are thrilled to work with Bulldog Mobile Billboards in this two phase campaign"
noted Doggy Tug Inc. creator/president, Kelly Stafford. "We are eager to see the
impact that can be created both with billboards and the personal approach their
drivers provide". "Their street teams enjoy making the extra effort like visiting
the White Rock Lake Dog Park this weekend to give away toys during a bulldog

About Bulldog Mobile Billboards
Bulldog Mobile Billboards offers a unique alternative to traditional radio,
television and outdoor advertising. With a mission to provide businesses with a
creative solution to help break through today's media clutter, Bulldog Mobile
Billboards uses targeted messages that generate results. Bulldog Mobile Billboards
uses its unique truck-mounted backlit scrolling mobile boxes. Hop on board with
Bulldog Mobile Billboards and drive forward into the mobile advertising world. For a
sales kit or more information about advertising, please contact Rod Collins at or call (214)724-2729.

About DoggyTug Inc.
Doggy TugT is the product of the exasperation of creator, Kelly Ann Stafford and
her own dog\'s destruction of her terry cloth head band. One day while she was
washing her face, Kelly\'s head band fell to the ground. Her 9 month old Lab decided
it would make a nice new toy! With soap in her eyes, Kelly battled with him for a
few minutes but he won, shredding it to pieces. Quite upset, she walked into the
other room and expressed her disgust to a friend who happened to be watching a
fishing show. She began to watch the show as well. It was focused on a deep sea
fishing expedition and the fact that they had been fighting a marlin for over two
and a half hours. If the line could hold that fish, she thought, it should be able
to hold a couple of dogs. And so DoggyTugT was born!
The company is engaged in provided tug toys, pet carriers and designer label water
bottles that generate funding for abandoned and abused animals. To discuss wholesale
distribution or represent Doggy TugT, contact Kelly Stafford at
or call (214)654-0101. Doggy Tug provides kiosks to display product if required.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Rod Collins
214 724 2729
4310 Buena Vista
Suite 31
Dallas, TX 75205

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