E-ffordable Children`s Book Offerings Expand Again Author Auntie Lynn Joins the Frugal Fiction Library

Released on: February 27, 2008, 7:50 am

Press Release Author: Frugal Fiction

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: Frugal Fiction proudly announces the addition of two
delightful Auntie Lynn pieces to our Children's selections: THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS

Press Release Body: In THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS BOOK ONE, we meet two magical
scarecrows, each of whom believe they are the only one of their kind on earth. As
Race C, the English Magical Scarecrow, and Croowz, the Australian Magical Scarecrow,
embark on adventures with the animals who share their lands, they discover they are
only bound by imagination and imagination is boundless.

THE MAGICAL SCARECROWS BOOK TWO opens in a burst of excitement as friends of Croowz
tell him of the existence of Race C Rows, another Magical Scarecrow at the opposite
end of the earth. His furry and feathered pals even have a plan to get these two
Magical Scarecrows together. But, can Croowz overcome a group of diabolical boys in
time to help C Rows, who has some challenges of his own?

Rave Reviews for Auntie Lynn's Magical Scarecrows Series:

"These enchanting stories capture a timeless, universal truth that supports the
inherent goodness associated with being kind."
Gillian Rumpf, The Leukaemia Foundation

"Imagine! A magical scarecrow being airlifted to the fire station by wild birds in
order to save the animals and the forest!! You\'re going to love this Lynn Santer
kid\'s thriller!! (It\'s for us grown up kids as well!!!) I love, love, LOVE these
Hollywood Legend, Tippi Hedren

"The Magical Scarecrows opens the hidden gate to a charming world where everything
comes to life, even the fire; a world where the brave hearts and clever minds of two
Scarecrows and their animal friends face real dangers, real fears, and find real
ways to deal with them.

"Embodying every child\'s feelings of both isolation and specialness, of being
slightly out-of-place and misunderstood in the grown-up world, The Magical
Scarecrows shows children how to look at situations with a different perspective,
how to combine their talents with other people's, and how to face challenges with
hope, determination, and imagination.

"The child in all of us will recognize the loneliness of each Scarecrow, thinking
they\'re the only one of their kind. The spiritual in each of us will recognize the
bond of friendship among the Scarecrows and animals that spans the globe with hope."

Pamela Jaye Smith, award-winning filmmaker.

"I only wish that Auntie Lynn had been around when I was a kid. I would have grown
up with a real respect for old clothes and straw. Little did I know I\'d throw away
what could have been so many magical friends! I\'m sure children, (of all ages) will
enjoy these lovely tales; and what a wonderful thing for Auntie Lynn to do. Enjoy."
Barry Crocker, Order of Australia
Says Auntie Lynn, "I first wrote these stories when I was only nine years old.
Having rewritten them decades later for philanthropic purposes (after my adult
novels and biographies hit best-seller lists) I now have a chance to see these truly
magical stories produced commercially at rock bottom prices. Now The Magical
Scarecrows can find their way into the hands of children everywhere thanks to Frugal
Fiction. What a great idea!"
Author Auntie Lynn sent her first story, The Magic Scarecrow, to a publisher when
she was nine years old and won her first award for animal welfare when she was just
eleven. Since then she has gone on to write a string of thrillers and non-fiction
biographies, including the controversial best-sellers, Land of the Free and
Professor Midnight, and the real life stories of Saddam Hussein\'s former personal
pilot, Farewell Brave Babylon, and original Australian wildman and wildlife warrior,
enigmatic adventurer and conservationist, Alby Mangels: The Alby Mangels Story -
Beyond World Safari. For full details of Auntie Lynn\'s background visit her official
website: www.lynnsanter.com.

Frugal Fiction, an E-book website, provides the opportunity to read voraciously, try
new genres, and experience up-and-coming authors. Enjoy free previews of all
selections in a fun-to-read, page-turning 3D format; then download in minutes for
only $3.99 to finish the story.

As Annie Williams, creator of Frugal Fiction.com explains, "Our goal is to make
E-ffordable so every parent can share interesting, fun new tales with their
children, and perhaps even rediscover their own love of reading. Thanks to our
talented independent authors, we are able to offer first-rate works sure to engage
and delight all ages at a price that's hard to find even in the used book market."

- END -

Web Site: http://www.frugalfiction.com

Contact Details: CONTACT: Annie Williams
500 N. Estrella Parkway, Suite B2-200
Goodyear, AZ. 85338
(623) 337-7902

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