EDC Gold Allen Spencer announce new role for David Dubbs in training and recruiting

Released on: February 21, 2008, 3:36 pm

Press Release Author: Allen Spencer

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Allen Spencer and David Dubbs partner up to form a winning
EDC Gold formula.

Press Release Body: Allen Spencer of EDC Gold announces top marketer David Dubbs has
taken on a new role in EDC Gold and his ONLY job now is to see that YOU succeed in
this business. We are already the #1 company on the Internet but now we have just
blown the competition out of the water in 2008. They cannot compete with what we are
doing. David joins Allens team and David Dubbs does not sponsor in EDC anymore and
his only job is closing YOUR sales and training team members how to be a top
marketer on the net. Just this week alone David has closed tons of sales for Allen
Spencer\'s team resulting in over $9,000!!

David Dubbs did all the talking, closed our sales, and our reps get 100% commission!
Pretty exciting isn't? So if your on the fence why would you be? Are you going to
watch average people make money, or are you going to jump in let us train you, let
us close your sales, and let YOU keep all the money?

If you pass by this opportunity and join another program I feel sorry for you
because you will be competing with the 800 pound gorilla which mind boggles me and
will definitely have you losing your shirt. Click here to get more info Allen\'s team
approach. Allen says No EDC Member gets left behin

Web Site: http://TopProducer.MarketingUniv.com

Contact Details: Allen Spencer

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