Released on: February 27, 2008, 10:57 am

Press Release Author: EsumZ

Industry: Education

learning program for kids.

Press Release Body: DAYTON, N.J., February 27, 2008 -- EsumZ, an innovative online
math learning company, has launched WEDOKU-SUDOKU Games, an online learning program
where game and puzzle enthusiasts can learn the ins and outs and intricacies of
solving Sudoku puzzles. EsumZ is one of a very few Internet portals offering
structured lessons and live online tutoring dedicated to the mastery and enjoyment
of Sudoku games.

In our very busy technological age, kids and adults still have a craze for games and
puzzles, and many aficionados turn to the Internet to satisfy their passion.

Sudoku, a logic-based number-placement brainteaser, is one of the most challenging,
addictive and entertaining puzzle pastimes. While formal learning is not necessary
to enjoy Sudoku, an introduction to its simple rules and concepts certainly helps
children and adults to hone their puzzle-solving skills.

The creator of EsumZ\' WEDOKU-SUDOKU online learning program, Venkat Radhakrishnan,
says, "Sudoku puzzles help children and adults develop logical reasoning and
concentration skills while having fun. Children as young as 7 or 8 can play and
benefit from these games.\"

Radhakrishnan points out that children will naturally integrate logical reasoning
skills derived from Sudoku into their academic studies. \"These skills help children
increase their math acumen and raise their grades in school. And puzzle-solving
stimulates a great sense of pride and achievement."

During seven online classes offered through the WEDOKU-SUDOKU online education
program, children learn from structured tutorials to play Sudoku games. Using a
fun-filled, exciting story format, online tutors present each lesson. Participants
join in from the comfort and convenience of their homes. All they need is a
computer, modem or broadband and a headset attached to the computer.
Students meet online in an interactive classroom and, together, read the story.
Using words and anecdotes as a teaching medium, enhanced by web-based, interactive
\"white board\" technology, tutors help children learn Sudoku rules, simple
puzzle-solving strategies and how to manage 4 x 4 and 9 x 9 Sudoku grids. These
combined teaching aids make Sudoku play and learning a most interesting experience
for the children.
Children can also play games in the online portal after each lesson. With the
tutor\'s assistance, they soon begin navigating from simple to more advanced games.

Hands-on Sudoku games build puzzle-solving skills in a step-by-step process that
blends math concepts with games. Puzzles provide kids with a great learning
activity. Challenging Sudoku games kindle their interest in numbers and enable them
to evolve from Sudoku novice to skilled wizard.

EsumZ offers this exciting WEDOKU-SUDOKU online learning program for only $129.
"All academics and no play make Jack and Jill dull kids,\" says program creator
Venkat Radhakrishnan . \"EsumZ\' Sudoku learning program enables children to tackle
new and interesting challenges while strengthening their personal confidence in math
and their ability to use numbers.\"

For more information on WEDOKU- SUDOKU Games, log on to

EsumZ is an online math learning portal owned by Hartford Group Inc, a New Jersey
corporation. WEDOKU is the Sudoku games program EsumZ teaches online.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Hartford Group Inc
5, Banko Farm Road,
Dayton,NJ 08810

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