Eastern Biotech is offering Newborn Screening in Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar

Released on: February 15, 2008, 12:40 am

Press Release Author: Pankaj Sohaney

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: FOR YOUR CHILD: A NBS (Newborn Screening) Test is a Priceless

Press Release Body:

IEMs (inborn errors of metabolisms) prevent babies from \'processing\' food properly,
leading to an accumulation of toxic chemicals in the blood, which are harmful for
their normal development. The tests detect abnormal levels of these chemicals
shortly after the baby is born.
One of the best reasons to have your infant screened is because many rare disorders
that manifest in children often mimic more common diseases making diagnosis
difficult and challenging. Children may fall morbidly ill before a proper diagnosis
is obtained. Using the results from IEMs screening, physicians have an advantage of
recognizing specific illnesses prior to the onset of symptoms, thereby paving the
way for early intervention.
Dubai based Biotechnology Company Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, is now offering
state-of-the-art, supplemental screening for more than 50 rare and treatable
metabolic disorders (i.e. Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia.).The screening is performed
on a small sample of blood obtained by pricking the baby\'s heel. The blood is
allowed to dry on absorbent paper and sent to Eastern Biotech. Just a simple drop
of blood taken at birth can help detect devastating metabolic disorders in infants.

\"Metabolic disorders are not common, but they do occur, and are usually serious and
often deadly,\" said Dr, Sanjida Ahmed, Director Research at Eastern Biotech. \"The
supplemental screening program allows us to identify these conditions soon after the
birth and start the treatment before the babies suffer brain damage or other
permanent disorders.\" The effect of genetic and congenital disorders in Arab
countries is high.
\"We are pleased to offer this screening program in the Middle East ,\" said Pankaj
Sohaney, Manager of Eastern Biotech. The first time in Healthcare Industry Eastern
Biotech is introducing Gift coupons for the test so that nearer & dearer of the new
born can present this priceless gift which is required once in a life time. The
newborn screening program \"NBS\" has two major benefits: first, it identifies the
babies who need treatment as early as possible, and second, it provides peace of
mind to the parents whose newborns are healthy.\"
About Eastern Biotech:

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences became one of the corporate client entities of
DuBiotech in November 2005. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the
United Arab Emirates and the region through the introduction of biotechnological
products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this
region, especially Genetic Disorders, Obesity, Diabetes and Heart diseases.

Web Site: http://www.easternbiotech.com

Contact Details: Address
P.O.Box 212671, Dubai,UAE.
Tel.No: +971.4.369 2061
Fax : +971.4.3683762
Email : info@easternbiotech.com

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