Electronic Medical Record Software Provider, Fox Meadows even does the simple tasks

Released on: February 28, 2008, 4:52 pm

Press Release Author: AdViaTech

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: From managing doctors calls to billing services Fox Meadows
Software (www.foxmeadow.com) an leader in Electronic Medical Record Software
Providers, is able to provide the best in medical practice management systems.

Press Release Body:

With Electronic Medical Record Software even the simplest thing like making sure
patience keep their appointments can be handled with Fox Meadows, medical practice
management software.

Fox Meadows software " ReminderPro" handles routine patient communications
effectively and conveniently. This technology:
- Prevents appointment "No-Shows"
- Provides Consistent Communication
- Eases Staff Overload
- Improves overall Patient Care

Missing appointments is both inconvenient to the Patient and the Doctor as well and
increases cost by causing the doctor to have valuable down time. The Fox Meadows
"ReminderPro" calls patients with friendly appointment reminders and important
information. Patients appreciate the service, and the office manager and the Doctor
will appreciate the control over the daily schedule.

Patient reviews have been superb, it is truly amazing what a phone call or message
can do to keep everyone on schedule. Patients who are not as organized as others
love the service since they are always reminded of up coming appointments.

The "ReminderPro" also keeps track of calls that are busy or unanswered,
"ReminderPro" ensures that no one forgets to try back later and works after hours
when more people are home to receive your call. Additionally, other tasks don't
distract "ReminderPro", so you can rest assured that all calls are made. Office
Managers can access an instant detailed report that gives a valuable audit trail of
patient contact.

With "ReminderPro" doing the more mundane tasks, this leaves more time for medical
professionals to do what they do best and that is, "take care of patients".

Fox Meadows Software continues to build their presence in the national market as a
highly regarded vendor of medical software by providing the highest quality customer
service and building a strong customer loyalty. Fox Meadows offers some of the most
cost effective software packages on the market, yet is still able to offer the most
advanced products and services to their customers. By providing great products, a
great price, and the highest rated support and customer service, Fox Meadows
continues to grow and offer their customers the best medical software possible.

To learn more about Fox Meadows Software, please visit their web site at
www.foxmeadows.com or call them at 1-877-369-3282.

Adviatech Corp. PR for Fox Meadows
9280 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 706
Tampa, FL 33619

Fox Meadows is an electronic medical records software provider located in South

Web Site: http://www.foxmeadows.com

Contact Details: Adviatech Corp. PR for Fox Meadows
9280 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 706
Tampa, FL 33619

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