Environmentally Friendly Office Printers and Tips - Save money while helping the environment!

Released on: February 27, 2008, 12:38 am

Press Release Author: Nancy Hardey

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Supplier of Lexmark printer parts, Lexmark printer supplies,
Lexmark toner cartridges, Hewlett Packard parts, HP printer parts, and IBM printer

Press Release Body: With some foresight and conservation measures, you can save
money and reduce your environmental impact in your office printing. Here are some
tips from Market Point, a leading retailer of laser printers, for purchasing, using and
disposing of your office printers.

Tips for purchasing an environmentally friendly office printer:

  • Buy a refurbished printer which will save you money and benefit the

  • Buy Energy Star-compliant printers which are designed to reduce energy use when

  • Use an online user manual for the printer, rather than purchasing printed

  • Consider the printer packaging and see if retailers offer environmentally
    friendly packaging.

  • Consider buying an all-in-one fax machine/photocopier/printer/scanner.

  • Select a printer which can use remanufactured toner cartridges. Make sure the
    retailer has a \"take-back\" program for recycling toner cartridges.

  • Consider a \"duplex\" printer that prints on two sides.

Tips for using your office printer in an environmentally friendly manner:
  • Use Duplex printing (print on both front and back sides of a paper) or set
    your current printer\'s defaults to double-sided printing.

  • Save ink or toner by using the "print preview" or \"fast draft\" option of your
    word processing program. This allows you to see exactly what a document will look
    like before you print.

  • Look for recycled printer paper made from as much as 100 percent post-consumer
    recycled content. Buying paper made from a high percentage of post-consumer waste
    reduces the number of trees needed to make paper. It also saves energy making the
    paper, and keeps used paper out of the trash so we don't have to dispose of

Tips for reducing the amount of paper you use:
  • Conduct a \"paper audit\" to see how much paper you waste, and the types of
    documents, and then take steps to use less paper.

  • Recycle all used paper.

  • Share electronic files with others instead of printing - try Gmail.

  • Make double-sided copies for internal documents and drafts, or use the blank
    sides of printed documents you are going to trash as scrap paper.

  • Reuse messenger envelopes to send interoffice information.

  • Reuse file folders by folding them in the reverse direction and relabeling

  • Use email over paper communication as much as possible.

  • Pay bills online.

  • Read newspapers and magazines online.

  • Reduce junk mail by taking your name off of mailing lists visit the Direct
    Marketing Association at http://www.dmaconsumers.org/consumerassistance.html.

Tips for disposing of your office printer and toner cartridges in an environmentally
friendly manner:
  • Donate your old printer to a non-profit organization.

  • Recycle your printer in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Ship your printer back to the manufacturer for them to recycle it.

  • Ask your Inkjet cartridge manufacturer for a postage paid return bag so the
    manufacturer can recycle your old inkjet cartridges. Some manufacturers have
    rewards programs which offer a free inkjet cartridge for a certain number of empty

  • Recycle laser toner cartridges through the manufacturer or retailer. Request a
    prepaid return-shipping label for your empty laser printer cartridges.

Visit Market Point for more money saving
printer tips.

Web Site: http://www.marketpoint.com/

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Fax : 610-594-1881
115 Summit Drive
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State : PA
Zip : 19341

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