Farmer-Doctor Claims Becoming a Great Radio Guest Key to Book Sales

Released on: February 22, 2008, 5:22 pm

Press Release Author: Dr. Robert C. Worstell

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: How do you break into radio to promote your book or other
product? Don\'t go the expensive route and buy advertizing - Dr. Robert C. Worstell
says your best (and cheapest) route is to become a great radio guest. And that is
easier than you think. But there are ground rules to follow and his recent book
tells you how...

Press Release Body: Dr. Robert C. Worstell, who has over 3 dozen published books,
recently released an excerpt from his online marketing research that lays out the
key steps any author needs to take to break into radio promotion - as a great radio

\"The trick to radio promotion is not to buy advertising,\" as Dr. Worstell says, \"but
rather to get on talk shows that are in your niche - and then be a great radio
guest. You and the station both win. They get an interesting expert to entertain
their listeners - and you get a chance for people to find out about your book. Far
more effective than paid advertising.\"

His short (66-page) book is an excerpt from his much larger (nearly 800 pages) tome
which lays out the entirety of marketing and promotion strategies which online
millionaires have been using since the Internet was created. This particular section
is only about Radio Interviews and its related subjects, Press Releases and

Worstell holds that you have to be able to write an effective press release in order
to get the shows, and practicing with Podcasts are a great way to break into the

\"Radio loves media releases, as they are tuned to \'speak their lingo\'\" related Dr.
Worstell. \"You\'ll find that modern press releases reach the public directly - and
the electronic versions are more effective than the old mailed-paper ones. Podcasts
are a form of radio-guest interview on their own - and might become more effective
than radio. But you start out practicing with podcasts and putting these online so
that producers can get a feel for your \'radio presence\' long before you show up on
their program.\"

The ebook is published on and is available for free to his Online
Millionaire Newsletter subscribers.

Dr. Worstell attributes his rural background and daily farming chores for his
inspiration, \"Often you\'ll be feeding cattle or spending hours in the tractor seat
and inspiration will come to you - suddenly all these ideas will just coalesce and I
can\'t wait to get back to my home-office to cross-check it online. But you have to
finish feeding or your field-work first, so farming does tend to build your
persistence and patience in research.\"

- - - -

Dr. Worstell\'s \"An Online Millionaire Plan\" online marketing book series is
published by Print-On-Demand Publisher Dr. Worstell has written and
published over three-dozen self help and personal development books, as well as
numerous articles, and whitepapers.

He has studied the human condition for over 35 years, working in counseling and
consulting as well as freelance research. His marketing research is an outgrowth of
empowering rural communities to access online income through print-on-demand

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Midwest Journal Press
15559 Audrain Rd 821, Mexico, Mo. 65265
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