First Throw Away Your Phonebook If You Need An Accounting

Released on: February 6, 2008, 9:56 pm

Press Release Author: David Shick

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Phonebook is obsolete., a directory
offering the best financial advisory and tax services in your area, is boosting its
effectiveness online by offering a new design, and totaling 230,000+ listings.

Press Release Body: Mission, Kansas, Feb 07,2008--It\'s a well-known fact that many
individuals and businesses alike will eventually run into the need for a Certified
Public Accountant or CPA, an accounting firm, or some other form of tax or financial
advisory services in their local area.

Opening the local paper and looking at the classifieds or the ads section is one
way. However, finding the right CPA in your area can be much easier according to
Frank Shick, of

According to Shick, is offering the most comprehensive and
extensive database of accountants and companies offering these necessary services,
rendering the out of date phone book completely obsolete.

The website is sporting a brand new design to celebrate the major
database update that has brought this exclusive CPA and tax and financial services
directory to a total of 230,000 listings. If anyone was ever searching for a CPA in
their local area, or some other form of much needed tax services, their best bet
would be to check out this website first, where they can find high quality local
professionals in their area.

The website is designed to connect businesses and individuals with CPAs,
accountants, book keepers, financial advisors and tax preparers that are of the
highest possible quality, and who are capable of handling both the most basic, and
the most difficult in financial projects. These professionals have the education and
expertise necessary to handle accounting serves, payroll tax preparation, financial
consulting services, financial management services, estate planning, retirement and
financial planning, income tax consulting, bookkeeping, income tax services,
financial and tax return preparation and more.

The accounting firms and financial firms that have become a part of this fast
growing directory all come with years of experience, training and expertise.
" only works with the best and brightest accountants, accounting
firms and tax preparation services in order to guarantee that the website\'s users
manage their money in the most efficient way possible" Shick says.

The website is designed to connect individuals and businesses with
the ideal accounting and tax related service firms and professionals. For more
information about Find My Best CPA, contact or pay a visit


David Shick
5925 Nall Avenue,
Mission KS 66212
United States.
44 222 656

Web Site:

Contact Details: David Shick
5925 Nall Avenue,
Mission KS 66212
United States.
44 222 656

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