Flatlift Slimline Plasma Ceiling lift for XXL TV`s

Released on: February 20, 2008, 8:10 am

Press Release Author: FLPR

Industry: Consumer Services

Press Release Summary: Ultra-flat Slimline TV ceiling-lift series by Flatlift
available immediately with emergency electricity supply and surge protection

Press Release Body: With the Slimline TV ceiling lift series, Flatlift
(www.flatlift.de) offers an ultra-flat product series which enables the integration
of flat-screen TVs into room ceilings. Via remote control, the television attached
to a flap then pivots downward by 90 degrees without making a sound. After use,
the device \"disappears\" just as quickly and simply (plus, nearly invisibly) in the
ceiling, which saves space. The special highlight of this feature: the complete
frame which carries the television (and contains the mechanical components in their
entirety), is only 20 cm high when retracted, and can be assembled for a most
appealing appearance on or under the plasterboard. With that, the Flatlift
Slimline products are among the world\'s flattest TV ceiling lifts - and hardly
noticeable when retracted. In order to ensure a particular level of safety, all
devices in the Slimline series are also equipped with a 230V emergency electricity
supply and lightning protection for the flat-screen TV itself, as well as for the
TV lift (effective immediately). Aside from that, surge-protection insurance for
connected devices is included (in the amount of 125,000.00, so that also more
expensive flat-screen televisions are safeguarded.
In addition, the five-year full guarantee - and following the elapse of this period,
a lifelong repair-costs limit ensure you no worries whatsoever. In the event of
any necessary repairs, even many years after the purchase, merely a maximum of 33%
of the price of a new device is billed to you - Flatlift takes care of the rest for
the customer. The Slimline ceiling lift is available in three different versions and
suitable for flat-screen televisions with a size of up to 65 inches (screen diagonal
approx. 165 cm). The system is also available for different voltages (12V/24V/230V),
so that the TV lifts can then be installed and operated on boats or in
\"campmobiles\". \"Particularly our customers with a highly sophisticated sense of
aesthetics consider it important that the television not dominate the furnishings in
a room, even if it is in fact a rather high-quality device in the technical
respect, as Sascha Rissel, the general manager of the Flatlift GmbH, explains. \"In
that case, the Flatlift Slimline ceiling lift is a quite interesting solution, since
the television is practically invisible when not in use, but there are no obstacles
to people enjoying the television whenever they please. The effect when the closed
device is swivelled out at the touch of a button is also something very special, and
generates enthusiasm on the part of the owner and his or her guests.

Web Site: http://www.flatlift.net

Contact Details: Flatlift TV Lift Systeme GmbH
Sascha Rissel
Gewerbegebiet Sdwest
Niedesheimer Strae 15
D - 67547 Worms
Tel: +49-(0)6241-9720-10
E-Mail: info@flatlift.de

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