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Released on: February 21, 2008, 7:05 am

Press Release Author: Cheryl Maslanka

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Do you need funding for your business? If you do, you can be
the next person to benefit from Frihet Holdings LLC, They want
to help your business grow to a whole new level with their investment and management

Press Release Body: Frihet Holdings is a mergers and acquisitions company that works
with business owners and shareholders to define reasonable strategies for continued
growth of their business through issues of succession, business expansion through
acquisition, and strategic divestment of business units. One of the many things that
differentiates Frihet Holdings from other venture capitalist companies is their
drastically low interest rates. Frihet only asks for 35% of the total growth of the
company when their payment period is over.

Frihet Holdings does three different types of investments to guarantee that each
individuals business has the best chance to growth and succeed to new levels.
Frihet's Certified Business Analysts review all of the businesses' information and
then recommend a course of action to get you the best deal possible from their
network of investors and financing institutions. Whether it is inside investment,
business management services, or outside investments, Frihet finds a way to help
businesses grow!

If you have any questions you can fill out a contact card at, and a business analyst will contact
you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have.

If you own a business, it is absolutely necessary to have a business valuation to
prove what your business is worth. Business valuations are normally priced at around
the 8-10 thousand dollar range. Frihet employs their own Certified Business
Appraiser, and that allows them to put together a valuation for less than 1/4 of
that cost! Frihet's business valuation is the best on the market. It breaks down
your business from top to bottom looking at profits, assets, liabilities, etc, and
it gives the net worth of your business.

Business valuations are used for the selling of a business, as preparation for
annual reviews with stakeholders/investors, obtaining lender financing, as support
documentation for IRS audits, estate planning, succession planning, and partnership
disputes. It is nearly impossible to get any funding without a third party
documentation explaining why your business is worth what it is. With all that a
valuation does for you, it is definitely worth the cost of getting one.

If you truly want your company to grow to levels it has never reached, contact a
business analyst at Frihet. They will get you on the right track to success. Visit

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