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Released on: February 19, 2008, 12:45 pm

Press Release Author: Cheryl Maslanka

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Frihet Holdings provides business owners with one of the most
detailed and inexpensive business valuations on the market! Their team of Certified
Business Appraisers work around the clock to make sure every valuation is completed

Press Release Body: If you own a business, it is absolutely necessary to have a
business valuation to prove what your business is worth. Business valuations are
normally priced at around the 8-10 thousand dollar range, but Frihet employs their
own team of Certified Business Appraisers, which allows them to put together a
50-300 page valuation for less than 1/4 of that cost! Frihet's business valuation is
one of the top valuations on the market, because it breaks down your business from
top to bottom looking at profits, assets, liabilities, etc, and it gives the net
worth of your business. Frihet is offering a valuation at one of the best deals you
can find today- for only $1696! This unbiased third-party document that is stating
exactly what the business is worth can be your key to receiving funding.

Frihet staffs some of the most knowledgeable Certified Business Appraisers (CBA) in
Central America! Each member on their CBA team goes through extensive professional
training to ensure the quality of each business valuation that is completed.

Business valuations can be used for a multitude of things, such as the
selling/buying of a business, as preparation for annual reviews with
stakeholders/investors, obtaining lender financing, as support documentation for IRS
audits, estate planning, succession planning, and partnership disputes. Valuations
are often used to receive loans from a bank or for outside financing. It is nearly
impossible to get any funding without a third party documentation explaining what
and why your business is worth what it is. The use you will get out of your
valuation outweighs the money spent for it. For more information on what valuations
can be used for, visit

Unlike many other companies selling valuations, Frihet Holdings is a mergers and
acquisitions company that works with business owners and shareholders to define
reasonable strategies for continued growth of their business! Any business that is
interested in receiving funding is guaranteed to be looked at by Frihet's large
group of investors. Every business has the ability to succeed, but sometimes it
takes a little push to help get things flowing. Frihet Holdings can be your push
towards success! Frihet's team of investors and CBA's hard work and dedication have
aided many companies in their start of growth and success, and they will continue
helping any business they can.

Frihet Holdings makes it extremely easy for any company to get a high quality
business valuation. A valuation can be yours in just three simple steps! Step 1:
speak with a business analyst from Frihet Holdings and purchase the valuation. Step
2: provide the information needed to complete the business valuation. Once the
valuation is completed, a copy will be sent to you and a one will be kept at Frihet.
Step 3: the copy that Frihet keeps will be reviewed by a large group of investors
and business management experts to define the best funding solutions for your
company. When this process is all completed, Frihet decides if they will be
interested in funding your company or if outside investors should be contacted.
Regardless of any decision made by Frihet, you get to keep the copy of your
valuation and use it for whatever else is desired!

Frihet Holdings is the best possible solution for your financing troubles! With the
high quality and low cost of the valuations, it is smart for any business to have
one! For more information on Frihet Holdings, visit

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