GG06 Featuring Legendary 10cc Members Record New Track - Barry`s Shoes

Released on: February 25, 2008, 1:42 pm

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Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Music Legends Godley and Gouldman Release New Song For Download

Press Release Body: 2/25/08 - London - 10cc/Godley & Creme legends Kevin Godley and
Graham Gouldman, under the guise of GG06, have recorded and released their sixth new
track \"Barry\'s Shoes\" now available for download from the duo\'s official website In 2006, for the first time in over three decades original 10cc
members Godley and Gouldman reunited to record new music. Best known for such
classic 10cc hits as \"Rubber Bullets\", \"I\'m Not In Love\" and \"Things We Do For
Love\", as well as Godley and Creme\'s mega-hit \"Cry\", last year Godley and Gouldman
recorded five new download-only songs which have garnered rave reviews from fans and
critics alike worldwide!

Kevin Godley, former half of the pioneering duo Godley and Creme, who has also
directed and produced some of the most successful music videos in rock and roll for
such artists as Duran Duran, U2, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Rod Stewart, Keane,
Paul McCartney and The Police to name just a few, graces all six tracks with his
tremendous voice - arguably one of the great vocalists in music today. \"I always
figured Kevin had the best voice in the band\", complements Gouldman, \"ironic that he
never sang lead on a 10cc single... Even I managed that. Now justice has been done.
Kevin\'s voice and razor sharp lyrics take us places we haven\'t visited before...
Always a good place to start!\"

Graham Gouldman, a prolific songwriter since 1965 before joining 10cc penned such
classic songs as \"For Your Love\", \"Heart Full Of Soul\" and \"Evil Hearted You\" for
The Yardbirds, as well as \"Look Through Any Window\" and \"Bus Stop\" for The Hollies
and \"No Milk Today\", \"Listen People\" and \"East West\" for Herman\'s Hermits. He has
also worked with the likes of Andrew Gold and The Ramones.\"It was exhilarating to
hear a haunting Graham Gouldman chord sequence\", says Godley about their recent
collaboration, \"wrap some words around it and feel something actually come to life,
in real time, again. These first five tracks are pretty lean by our previous
standards. They\'re more heartfelt, focused, less layered and lyrically they\'re
tougher.\" This past summer Graham Gouldman toured Europe with his version of 10cc.
To the surprise of concert attendees, Kevin Godley made a guest appearance at two UK
gigs in which he sang on a couple songs.

The much anticipated new song \"Barry\'s Shoes\" is sure to please fans of GG06 with
its melodic twists and turns and Godley\'s engrossing lyrics. And just who is Barry
anyway? \"Manchester 1963, Like every kid in my street I\'m trapped in the synagogue
slowly turning into my Father,\" Kevin explains, \"waiting for a sign that says
there\'s more to life than the family business. Enter Barry wearing the Devil\'s
shoes... \"

Here\'s what\'s being said about the new GG06 songs:

\"The first thing that has to be remarked upon is Kevin Godley\'s voice. Saying that
it\'s in good shape after 40 years in the music industry is an understatement. I
think he\'s one of the best singers that the music world has seen, and this set of
songs really show it off!\" - Random Brainwaves

\"Now with Gouldman being a legendary songwriter in the sixties, this was always
likely to be a melodic treat. And it is. Despite the years, he and Godley seem to
bring out the best in each other, with Godley adding a bit of an edge and Gouldman
smoothing the rougher edges away. But it\'s a much bleaker world they inhabit
nowadays with tales of workplace ennui, rape, lost youth and bullying. Not a cheery
place. But, despite the passing of time, Godley and Gouldman haven\'t forgotten how
to write a hook, and it\'s to their credit that you still feel drawn to the material,
regardless of the subject matter.\" - Zeitgeist

Why a reunion now after so many years? \"In a nutshell. unfinished business,\"
explains Godley. \"In all the years we\'ve known each other we\'ve only written three
pure, Godley/Gouldman songs. That, and a desire to find out if the music muscle
still worked with someone I enjoyed and didn\'t have to spend weeks getting to know.\"
Upon listening to the duo\'s new work unquestionably the spark is still there,
picking up where they left off in 1976 but with a newly found, contemporary edge.
Says Gouldman, \"Kevin and I have always stayed in touch even though we haven\'t
actually worked together for many years, so I was delighted when he called to
suggest we write some songs. When I asked \'Why?\' He said, \'No reason... just to do
it and see what happens.\' A good enough reason for me!\"

\"It\'s been rewarding so far,\" concludes Godley. \"Graham gives me a lot of room to
maneuver and I get to take him places he wouldn\'t normally go. Maybe it\'s the way
online music works but I don\'t think in album terms any more. GG06 is more like a
gallery holding a permanent exhibition. Each time we make a new exhibit, we hang

Much to the elation of Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman fans worldwide, new material
by the dynamic duo is currently being written.

For downloads and more information visit the official GG06 website:

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