Green Edge Systems, Inc to Present its GreenGuard Energy Saving, Temperature Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Monitoring and Control System at TASBO

Released on: February 27, 2008, 7:05 pm

Press Release Author: Tommy Orpaz

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Green Edge Systems, Inc. presents its real time Energy
Savings, Temperature Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance, GreenGuard Platform, at
, Austin, TX, March 5-6, 2008.

Press Release Body: Woodland Hills, CA , February 27, 2008 -- Green Edge Systems,
Inc., a trusted leader of real time energy savings, predictive maintenance and
temperature monitoring and control solutions , presents its GreenGuard
state-of-the-art hardware products, software and communication platforms in the
Austin Convention Center , Austin, TX, March 5-6, 2008 with PCS.

GreenGuard continuously monitors and controls the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning
and Lighting Systems for savings and efficient operation.

The hardware products are comprised of wireless, wired and stand-alone low cost
monitoring and control products, making it affordable to any size campus. Two way
communications with the sensors allow automated control of devices to optimize the
use of energy according to utility prices , utilizing peak load shaving and reacting
on demand response signals.

The dashboard software platform utilizes advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools
that allow dynamic energy management, maintenance and temperature monitoring in one
integrated system. Integration with existing wireless and wired monitoring systems
that are already in use by the customer is possible.

The platform allows implementation of demand response, peak shaving, Carbon-Trade
and other current and future energy efficiency, energy savings and greenhouse gas
incentive-based programs.

Initial energy and maintenance savings are about 20 percent with the ultimate target
of 40 percent savings. First year\'s savings are much higher than the initial
investment. The communication and management platform allow the addition of future
energy saving systems.

The GreenGuard wireless Zigbee sensors use Ember\'s chip and Ember ZNet PRO
networking software platform, which supports the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, to
communicate with ZigBee-enabled devices.

The system interfaces the network with load control devices, enabling efficient
management energy consumption during peak load demands, among its many other
intelligent applications. The bi-directional system also continuously measures and
displays active energy delivered , letting customers see where, when and how energy
is being consumed. This helps customers actively participate in the conservation of
energy and contribute to protecting the environment, while managing their costs for

Ember\'s technology is integrated in smart meters that support time-of-use pricing,
load profile data and other advanced features required for \"Smart Grid\" initiatives,
such as California\'s Title 24 regulations aimed at modernizing the electric grid to
reduce peak demand.

Ember\'s strength in home and building automation yielded an award with its ZigBee
technology platform being named the \"Best New Wireless Product\" at the BuildConn
Conference in June 2007.

The Green Guard wireless sensors that utilize Ember\'s chip and Ember ZNet PRO
networking software platform seamlessly communicate with these Smart meters and
assure significant savings once these meters are installed by the utility companies.

According to a paper by The Brattle Group (\"The Power of Five Percent,\" May 2007),
best available technologies, like ZigBee, can help reduce peak electricity demand by
at least five percent over the next few years. The paper goes on to say that this
reduction could save consumers more than $3 billion in annual electricity costs, and
help reduce the $50-$100 billion in losses that businesses suffer each year due to
power outages and brownouts.

The GreenGuard system is fully integrated into the Back of the House System offered
by PCS Revenue Control Systems. and is delivered as a modular add-on to that system.
Full temperature monitoring and out of range temperature alerts, energy monitoring
and predictive maintenance alerts are provided as part of the GreenGuard system.

Visitors at the conference will be able to view the dashboard software that monitors
the energy savings, predictive maintenance, temperature monitoring and the various
elements of the GreenGuard sensor platform.

The GreenGuard sensor platform includes a family of state-of-the-art wireless
sensors with the following features:

Wireless Data logging

* Internal Relative Humidity/Temp sensors
* 4 recording inputs: 4-20mA, 0-1V, Pulse counter, PT100 2-wires, NTC, Thermocouple
J, K and T , door sensors
* Dry contact in each wireless sensor
* Bi-directional communication with memory and processing power in each sensor

Other sensors in the GreenGuard family are:

* A wired stand alone monitoring server - ideal for smaller installations,
eliminating the need for more costly wireless sensors.
* A low cost USB temperature recording device that allows 24/7 temperature
monitoring at a cost per location of under $150 per location with two measuring
* Multiple input temperature , refrigeration , air conditioning , lighting and door
ajar controller.
* Highly accurate and reliable Occupancy Sensors that detect and movement, even the
slightest one (of sleeping persons).

In multi location installations such as in school districts, any combination of the
above sensors can be installed, all managed through the advanced dashboard
application software. This allows for immediate, 24/7 monitoring with a minimal
budget of $150 per school/site with unlimited expansion capabilities for the future.

To better understand the uniqueness of Green Edge Systems offerings, ask any
provider of energy, maintenance and temperature monitoring solutions if they can
provide the following GreenGuard capabilities:

* Monitoring and controlling of energy usage and saving, resulting in up to 40%
energy savings
Immediate alerts when the refrigeration system is not working or malfunctioning.
* Prediction of compressor or other system failures with alerts to avoid critical
damage, similar to the red warning light in your car before a critical engine
failure. We provide the same type of alerts when compressors are about to fail, with
no additional equipment. Would you buy a car without this feature? Can you afford
buying a monitoring system for your refrigeration system without this feature?
* Immediate power outage alert with no additional equipment.
* Highly affordable - starting at under $150 per location, provides 24/7 temperature
recording, reporting and alerts.
* Wireless sensors that fully implement the * * * Zigbee Mesh Networking Protocol
-superior to Zigbee in a point-to-point mode which may fail with future network
* Bi-directional communication between the system and the sensors, allowing for
seamless setting of sensors to new parameters such as immediate response on
momentary door openings nights and weekends, different parameters of temperature
settings for night and weekends, use of lower priced energy at night and more.
* Allow automated control of devices to optimize the use of energy according to
utility prices , peak load shaving implementation and reaction on demand response
* Over-the-network firmware updates, eliminating the need for on-site technician.
Calibration of the sensors over the network. Temperature readout on each sensor,
gateway and repeater.
Temperature and door opening samplings, customer-configurable, even once per minute
, allowing for better control of food quality, peak shaving, demand response, alerts
and more.
* Local alerts even when the network is down.
* Power backup on each sensor - sensors continue to collect data, even if battery
fails or if power is out.
* Low cost repeaters to extend range of coverage.
* Multiple input sensors - more then 4 inputs per sensor.
* Every sensor has its own Dry Contact, allowing connectivity to a
building/HVAC/energy management system. Detailed alerts from each sensors are
provided even if the network in down.
* Data is never lost in a power outage and there is no need for uninterruptible
power supply (UPS).
* Prevention of unnecessary defrost cycles.
* Monitoring food temperatures in addition to air temperatures.

For additional information on GreenGuard, please contact PCS Revenue Control Systems
at wecare @ Tel 800-247-3061 or Green Edge Systems, Inc. at, Tel. 818-825-8167.

Green Edge Systems Contact:
Tommy Orpaz
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Tommy.Orpaz @

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Contact Details: Tommy Orpaz
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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