Gripstik Wrist and Forearm Exerciser for making Wrist and Forearm Stronger

Released on: February 25, 2008, 7:16 am

Press Release Author: Wrist Exercise

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Uses of Gripstik from exercise enthusiast, to professional
athlete, to injury rehabilitation

Press Release Body: Gripstik works on the idea of a \'screw.\' As you rotate the
handles together tension increases, as a result of a heavy spring between the two
handles. Consequently, rotating the handles back and forth provides a resistance to
the working muscles of the wrists and forearms by way of the spring. As one forearm
flexors work, the opposite forearm\'s extensors work, and this is done back and forth
for complete forearm muscle integration. And the more tension desired, the more the
handles are to be screwed in prior to starting exercise (to compress the spring),
whereas less desired resistance would necessitate starting exercise with less
tension on the spring, which means that the handles are to be unscrewed to the
desired extent.

There are various uses for this device from exercise enthusiast, to professional
athlete, to injury rehabilitation. From the perspective of the fitness enthusiast
and athlete, Gripstik provides good resistance, but nothing exceptional, viz., it\'s
not so challenging that you never will outgrow the tension. This is not a downfall
if viewed in the right context. A person with strong forearms may not find the
tension sufficient, although most will find it fatiguing to a good extent when
following the directions. And that is the crux of the situation. The forearms
consist of very dense tissue and they can take a lot of abuse and use. The problem
is, doing heavy forearm work regularly (multiple times per week) can lead to elbow
or wrist problems. Thus, the forearms need to be fatigued regularly to optimize
development, strength and muscular endurance, but such work cannot consist only of
heavy barbell wrist curls and reverse curls. The Gripstik can be used daily, if
desired, or every second day as recommended by the manufacturer.

Of course, its use also is applicable to pre- and post-exhaust work. Used prior to
heavy forearm work, the fatigue induced by Gripstik reduces the need for heavier
loads when training with free weights, thus saving strain on the connective tissues.
And then, once the \'heavier\' work is completed, the Gripstik again can be used for
an unbelievable finishing burn and pump.

Usually heavier work involves shorter strokes in range, which seems to take hold the
heavier a person trains with barbell wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. This makes
the Gripstik a nice little adjunct to forearm training and functional ability.

Here are a few tips to optimize your Gripstik use:

Squeeze your grip as hard as possible on every rep; do not simply rotate the handle
back and forth with a modest grip.
Attempt to flex/contract the muscles of the forearms on every rep.
As the flexors of one forearm works, the extensors of the other forearm will work,
and this is done in an alternating fashion. However, try to keep tension even
between the two forearms so that flexion does not donimante over extension or vice
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