Hotel Reservations Expert Offers Free Report - `The Hotel Reservations Scam, and What to Do About It`

Released on: February 18, 2008, 9:33 pm

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Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Travelers want to deal direct with hotels, but most consumers
are unable to do so, according to a new report that claims hotels are being hijacked
by increasingly desperate agents and booking web sites to prevent travel consumers
from booking direct.

Press Release Body: Pierrefitte-es-Bois, France - The travel industry, and
particularly the hotel portion of the travel industry, has fallen victim to greedy
booking agents and hotel reservations web sites that hijack search engine traffic
and prevent travelers from dealing direct with hotels, according to a new report.

Travel industry expert, Herman Thuy of, offers a free report to hotel
owners and managers that reveals what he calls the "dirty tricks" used by booking
agents and booking web sites to control the travel consumer. In it he details how
hotel reservations web sites and agents dominate search engines, and then tells
hotel managers and owners how to quickly and easily overcome this.

The report reveals that the Internet has returned all decision-making power to the
travel consumer, but control of the traveler is in the hands of booking agents who
prevent travel consumers from dealing direct with hotels. Thuy's report clearly
shows how individual hotels can be found by travel consumers and beat the brokers at
their own game.

Airlines paved the way and got rid of agents in 1994. All airlines bring prospects
to their own web sites, but hotels have failed to follow that model and are paying a
significant price for this error, according to Thuy.

He is not alone. The management of Ryanair ("Europe\'s favorite low cost airline")
recently (Nov. 6, 2007) called online hotel booking agents and intermediaries "the
greatest deadwood, rip off middle-men and the costliest parasites in the travel

Thuy gives his report free to hotel owners and managers at

Thuy provides evidence of his claims. He says: "Use a search engine the way travel
consumers use it. Search for two words, your city and hotel. Your web site will not
be on that first page because the scam artists control all those listings. Consumers
cannot find you and often do not even know your hotel exists at their next

A quick check for "Berlin hotels" brought up over 3 million results. The links on
the first page are dominated by booking web sites and agencies, making it nearly
impossible for the average traveler to deal directly with individual hotels.

"Market surveys of travel consumers reveal that when given the choice, travelers
prefer to deal directly with the hotel of their choice," said Thuy. "Booking agents
do not want that to happen, so they have hijacked the industry with their desperate

The free report not only informs hotel owners and managers how they are being duped
by the hotel reservations web sites, they receive specific instructions on how they
can regain full control and recapture the business they have lost to the
unscrupulous web sites and agents.

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Contact Details: Herman Thuy
+33 238 312 996 (landline)
+33 608 821 623 (mobile)
hermanthuy (Skype)

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