I`m looking for 40 people to mentor and train to make $300K or MORE with my millionaire marketing system for 2008!

Released on: February 5, 2008, 12:15 pm

Press Release Author: Empowerment Marketing Group

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: #1 Team, Top Support, Millionaire Marketing System = Top
income for you! $20k Plus per Month! www.360prosperity.com

Press Release Body: Cruise To Cash welcomes inspirational leader and marketer Taurus
Watson and wife to the top producing team in the company. Taurus Watson has
partnered with one of the industry's top millionaire internet marketers and Cruise
To Cash top income producer to form www.360prosperity.com! Taurus Watson is known
for his cutting edge mentoring approach to transforming lives and empowering people
for life\'s best!

www.360prosperity.com GO THERE NOW TO JOIN!

By being intensely trained by an internationally known millionaire internet marketer
who has mentored hundreds of people to earning $250K or more online, Taurus Watson
has duplicated this successful marketing system and is now mentoring others to do
the exact same thing. Taurus Watson\'s inspiration for www.360prosperity.com came
from his desire for people to have \"full circle\" prosperity in their lives. Cruise
To Cash combined with the top team, top support system, and top marketing system
means that your life WILL forever change for the better in 2008!

www.360prosperity.com GO THERE NOW TO JOIN!

Marketers on Taurus Watson\'s Cruise To Cash team, on average, make $1k-$5k their
first week online and are quickly making $20k plus per month. Let Taurus Watson make
you Cruise To Cash next success story! Quickly go to www.360prosperity.com to start
a life of freedom and prosperity, you deserve it!

www.360prosperity.com GO THERE NOW TO JOIN!

Cruise To Cash\'s product is hands down the best in the vacationing industry. You
have access to unlimited vacation vouchers to exotic places all over the US and
world. These are not some fake vacation vouchers that trick you in to paying almost
retail prices. These vouchers allow you to go to 1st CLASS PLACES for PENNIES on the
dollar! People are going to www.360prosperity.com and joining Taurus Watson\'s team
just to take advantage of the product alone!!!!

P.S. We are only accepting a limited number of people to make $250k or more for
2008. There are still a few slots open, go to www.360prosperity.com to join today!

Web Site: http://www.360prosperity.com

Contact Details: Taurus J. Watson

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