IPEVO`s Skype Desktop Phone Named to `Top 25` List by VoIP News

Released on: February 5, 2008, 9:45 am

Press Release Author: Noe Sacoco

Industry: Electronics

Press Release Summary: Always-on Skype phone unlocks Skype from the computer and
makes placing Skype calls as easy as using a regular phone

Press Release Body: San Jose, Calif, February 5, 2008 - IPEVO, a leading
manufacturer of experience-driven Internet devices, today announced that the Skype
Desktop Phone was named to VoIP News' Top 25 VoIP Inventions of 2007. As the premier
source worldwide for business VoIP information, VoIP News honors the year's most
interesting innovations in its Top 25.

The stand-alone Skype Desktop Phone gives users the freedom to place and receive
Skype calls without a computer - bringing the familiarity and simplicity of a
traditional phone to Skype's popular Voice over IP service. The desktop phone is
equipped with an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, along with an optional WiFi adapter, to
work wherever a broadband Internet connection is available - at the office, home, or
hotel. The Skype Desktop Phone features a sleek black body with a black or white
handset, an easy-to-read 2.4\" TFT color LCD display, as well as a built-in

According to VoIP News: "If you've decided to run your entire business on Skype,
IPEVO Inc.\'s Skype Desktop Phone will let you disguise that fact if you want to.
With features such as color LCD, echo cancellation and a speakerphone, it holds its
own against any good IP desk phone."

"Since its release, the Skype Desktop Phone has continued to garner high praise from
the industry, and we're especially pleased about this latest recognition from VoIP
News," said Ed Lucero, VP & general manager of IPEVO North America. "This year's top
25 list contains some exciting innovators and creative advances in VoIP, and we're
proud to be included."

About VoIP News
VoIP News is a long-running news and information publication covering all aspects of
the VoIP and Internet Telephony marketplaces. It was recently acquired by Tippit
Inc. and has been relaunched as the premier source worldwide for business VoIP
information. The site provides original content covering news, events and background
information in the VoIP market. It has strong relationships with members of the VoIP
community and is rapidly building a unique, high-quality community of VoIP users and

What you experience, you believe - IPEVO creates Internet devices that expand and
enhance the overall Experience over the Internet. Renowned for its iconic line of
best-selling VoIP and Skype hardware, IPEVO has established a reputation for
innovating award-wining designs and affordable products to help make the Internet a
better place for what matters most - connecting, communicating, and sharing with the
world around us. For more information, visit www.ipevo.com.


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