IT Resume Writer Tells IT Professionals to Stop Being Cry Babies!

Released on: February 27, 2008, 9:54 am

Press Release Author:

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Professional IT Resume Writer, Ivan Hurt challenges all IT
Professionals to let him rewrite their old IT Resume or stop complaining about not
being able to find a new IT position.

Press Release Body: Ivan Hurt, Lead IT Resume Writer of declares \"Give
Me your tired, your old, your under performing IT Resumes and we\'ll EASILY REWRITE

Former IT Hiring Manager, Ivan Hurt is tired of hearing IT Professionals complain
about the job market. So, he\'s made the most controversial claim, he\'s ever made.

\"If You Don\'t Like Your IT Job. Stop Whining About it On IT Job Boards and Hire A
Professional IT Resume Writer Because Your IT Resume Probably Sucks\"!

I am personally sick and tired reading post after post on certain job boards about
how bad the IT job market is. So, I have personally issues an IT Resume Challenge.

Give us your IT Resume and let us rewrite it. If we can\'t get you more interviews
then continue whining.

I will even throw in $345.00 worth of FREE Bonuses to ensure you are actually
prepared for your interview.

So take me up on my challenge and get a better IT position or continue to be one of
those IT whiners who\'s still looking for a job.

The choice is yours.

To take me up on my challenge, visit:

Web Site:

Contact Details:
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 1 (888) 941-5999

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