In Today`s Slowing Economy, There`s No Excuse for Any Small Business Not to Have a Web Site

Released on: February 21, 2008, 6:42 am

Press Release Author: Susan Daffron

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: When the economy slows, don\'t forget about a valuable way to
increase the customer flow - a website.

Press Release Body: SANDPOINT, Idaho - When the economy heads into the dumpster,
many small businesses make the mistake of cutting back their marketing efforts,
including postponing new Web site launches or updates. Susan Daffron of Logical
Expressions, Inc. offers several reasons why in today\'s economy businesses should
consider stepping up their online efforts, inspired by her book "Web Business
Success: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Web Sites That Work" (ISBN: 978-0-9749245-0-2;

Here are a few reasons smart small business owners should consider updating or
launching a Web site, even during a recession:

1. To remain competitive. People use the Internet instead of the yellow pages. If
searchers don\'t find a business online, they certainly will find its competitors. A
well-designed, informative Web site reflects well on a company. Plus, in a bad
economy, selling is more difficult, so smart businesses can actually get ahead
during down times by working on testing and perfecting their marketing messages.

2. To showcase expertise. The Web isn\'t limited to product-based businesses; service
businesses also should have Web sites. A good Web site establishes credibility and
introduces the business to potential clients. The old adage that people buy from
someone they know is true.

3. To sell products. Adding ecommerce into the sales mix opens up an entirely new
revenue stream. With a Web site, small businesses can reach customers outside of
their local area, who would not otherwise be accessible.

4. To save money. A Web site can lower customer service costs and be used to
automate repetitive processes. Including a simple frequently asked questions (FAQ)
page can reduce repetitive phone calls from customers asking simple questions such
as location and hours of operation.

Instead of taking a \"Chicken Little\" approach, lamenting the downturn, and
curtailing all spending, small business owners should stop and examine the return on
investment for all of their marketing activities. When it comes to getting a Web
site online, the cost of entry is extremely low. Daffron points out that \"the cost
of creating or updating a Web site pales in comparison to the cost of not having a
good Web site at all.\"

For more information about \"Web Business Success\" visit the Web site at For information on other products, visit:

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Contact Details: Media Contact:
Susan Daffron, President
of Logical Expressions, Inc.

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