Indy Filmmakers Use the Web to Raise $1 Million and Make Film History

Released on: February 12, 2008, 5:28 pm

Press Release Author: David Clark

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Two friends tap a new source to finance their indy film -
internet advertisers. David Clark and Chris Hood take to the web and offer up
10,000 Producer credits.

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA -- February 11th, 2008 -- In just eight days,
David Clark and Christopher Robin Hood are 1/1000th of the way to reaching their
goal of raising the $1,000,000 needed to produce their horror film. And they're
doing it in a very unorthodox way - by selling pixels on their site for $1 a piece.

When advertisers purchase pixels, not only do they get prime advertising on a
website that will potentially attract millions of curious web surfers, but the MDSM
guys also promise a credit in the completed film, a piece of the box-office revenue,
and even a chance to win cash and prizes. Visitors to the site also have the chance
to win prizes such as trips to the set, cash, a new computer, and even a car

Businesses and individuals get to use the space they purchase to place an ad or logo
that then links to their website. "When brainstorming ways to raise financing, we
asked ourselves how we could devise a fun and exciting method where people actually
got something in return for their contribution," explains David.

Chris continues, "The web traffic an advertiser can generate for just $100 could be
incredible. The site and advertisements will be up and running long after the last
pixel is sold and the movie is completed. If the film is even a modest success,
people will be visiting for years to come."

The site offers participants more than just the ability to purchase advertising.
MDSM is an opportunity to support the arts and share in the financial success of a
feature film. David adds, "And who doesn't want to be part of 'Hollywood' and be
able to point up at the screen and say 'Hey, there's my name!' "

Despite this being their biggest project to date, Chris and David aren't entirely
new to the biz. Before joining forces, Chris was a Blackjack dealer at the Hard
Rock Hotel and Casino. He left the gaming industry in 2004 to focus on writing and
directing full time. His first film "Impact" has shown in a dozen film festivals
around the country and won almost as many awards.

David, having joined Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's company straight out of college,
spent the last six years working his way up from the mailroom to Producer on the
DreamWorks/Comedy Central show "Dog Bites Man."

For more information on MillionDollarScaryMovie, the film, or the guys behind it,
contact David Clark at, or visit


Web Site:

Contact Details: David Clark
(310) 617-1444

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