Released on: February 21, 2008, 2:18 am

Press Release Author: Jeff Kornfeld

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Inspired Group, LLC will partner with Estate Planning Team, a
national marketing organization based in CA, to offer its clients this IRS-accepted
strategy designed to help high net worth individuals preserve their wealth.

Press Release Body: Many baby boomers are looking to liquidate the wealth they have
accumulated in real estate or their small businesses, but capital gains taxes can
reduce their net profit. With a 1031 exchange, the seller exchanges the property for
another like property avoiding capital gains tax, but with an exchange they may not
eliminate the day-to-day management of an investment property or small business.

Under the agreement, Inspired Group will be able to offer this service to clients
who are selling highly appreciated real estate holdings. As an alternative to the
1031 Exchange, advisors will offer property and small business owners the Deferred
Sales TrustT which allows a property owner to defer capital gains over their life
time. With additional planning, the DSTT can also remove the asset from the client\'s
taxable estate.

Michael Voynovich, Chairman of the firm, stated "I am excited to offer a great
alternative to the traditional and \"normal\" process of 1031\'s. Also, those selling a
business now have a way to receive a steady and safe alternative for the proceeds of
the sale without the risk of the buyer not fulfilling the payout contract. Clients
need to look at the trust for their total estate planning picture; this sets them up
for potential future \"deposits\" from additional property sales or other business
sales. Business brokers will welcome the DSTT to allow clients to take advantage of
the Installment Sale rule saving considerable immediate tax consequences. The DSTT
gives clients more choices and flexibility when it comes to the asset management of
their sales proceeds housed in the DSTT".

Voynovich also adds."Regarding the DSTT as a 1031 rescue, clients who have initiated
a 1031, but are unable to close on their identified replacement property now have an
'eleventh hour' solution thereby saving the client from the tax consequences of the
'failed exchange.' The DSTT gives Qualified Intermediaries a way to save the day."

The DSTT is offered exclusively through the Estate Planning Team, a membership
organization based in Palm Desert, CA. Estate Planning Team offers the DSTT, and
other wealth preservation strategies, through realtors, title insurance
representatives, investment advisors and insurance representatives.

The Inspired Group of Companies is an organized group of companies that work
together to provide clients with a diversified set of operations offered through
either wholly owned subsidiaries or business partners. The company is centered on
three related fields: real estate, finance and investments.

For more information, please contact Michael Voynovich of Inspired Group, LLC at
(813) 774-4691 or on the web at or Or contact: Jeff Kornfeld Estate Planning Team

Web Site:

Contact Details: contact: Jeff Kornfeld
Estate Planning Team

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