Internet Newcomer MrsVIP/VLane Traffic Takes Home Business To A New Level Allowing All Members To Earn An Income


Released on: February 4, 2008, 3:13 pm

Press Release Author: The Pinnacle Group

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: is a unique opportunity where individuals can earn a passive daily income working just 20 min per day

Press Release Body: MrsVIP/Vlane Traffic are two unique home business income opportunities that scientifically work together. MrsVIP is an income portal while Vlane Traffic is a full service media and advertising agency. Together they specialize in marketing strategies, both online and offline, customizing and conducting a professional marketing analysis tailored to its clients’ individual needs.

“This company is different and is about change. There are many opportunities online today and many more people who have lost money with these opportunities. In my opinion MrsVip/Vlane Traffic is head & shoulders above anything else. This is a program where everyone gets a chance to earn money working only 20 minutes per day,” states Chad Hershey, independent marketing executive with MrsVIP/Vlane traffic.

Mr. Hershey continues, “Members are just that: members. Not ‘distributors’, ‘independent agents’, etc., as this is not meant to be a typical MLM opportunity; but rather a unique multi level ‘reward system’. They have gone through great lengths to design a platform of earning potentials and opportunities for every member, regardless of the time they join; with no strings attached other than paying their monthly membership fee. However, each membership level offers different incentives.”

In the months to come MrsVIP/Vlane Traffic will launch several new companies. Each new company will feature a different, yet very lucrative and attractive product for their members. After all, that's what "VIP" stands for: a Virtual Income Portal!

More information can be found here:

Chad William Hershey of is founder of his own home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the Universal Law of Attraction, as seen in The Secret, and believes fully in The Master Key System. Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the home based business arena for the last 15 years and enjoys helping others succeed with Internet marketing. Chad’s business website is

Web Site:

Contact Details: Chad Hershey
The Pinnacle Group
c/o 1052 N Mill St


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