John Earl Herndon and the University of Internet Science come together!

Released on: February 18, 2008, 8:18 am

Press Release Author: John Earl Herndon,

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Everyone that is starting out to market on the internet needs
training. I offer the best training on the internet. No one can do what we can do!

Press Release Body: John Earl Herndon, an internet marketing honcho has become a
founder member of University Of Internet Science. This school started in June 2007
and maneuvered by Michelangelo, has horde of 1000 members.

The school's tagline says it all, "Nobody can do what we can do". The school
provides all sort of valuable guidance to carry out internet marketing efficiently.
It is true, because of the paramount training that it provides to internet

Be it posting ads, craiglists, capture pages, attracting traffic, autoresponders,
and list building, the school makes you master in internet marketing.

John, the successful internet researcher, mentor believes in the "Get in profit mode
within 21 days". Whatever the business you are into, you are bound to get more than
million hits if you are in John's team. Refer to and
you get to know what it takes to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

John says that most home based ventures have three universal things in them. They
place you all in common back office site, plug you within some lead yielding
sources, and put you into special corporate training cell.

What do you get in the end? Many newbies are still struggling to get decent leads.
They do not know how to attract traffic from costless classifieds. They are nuts in
branding and simply dumb when it comes to creating a responsive list.

John states that most people fail in online ventures because their sponsors vanishes
out suddenly and leave them with no option but carry or shut down the crippling
business. However, at UOIS, no one suggests you to purchase any leads.

However, John teaches you to use free classifieds, so that you do not need to
purchase leads very now and then. As John says, "This is a huge Online Opportunity".
In his website, you get step by step tutorials teaching one how to excel in any
type of online business that you are running. Just sign up at trail page, which is
free, and what more! you get instant bonus!

Get Trained With Perfect Learning Curve

UOIS has a systematic learning curve. For instance, John says that a medical student
cannot earn surgeon's salary while he is still studying in first semester. It is
very unrealistic. Likewise, to foster a newbie in any online business, a proper
learning pattern has to be there. UOIS is the answer to it.

Online marketing aficionado, John enunciates that learning curve of UOIS is helpful
for every newbie. UOIS has unique technique, which transforms online marketers into
successful entrepreneurs. The profits that you make are higher in many folds than
many marketing tool claims to offer.

John's training plan offers you 192 live webinars each year. You get customized
campatasia training through videos, Google me now software and exclusive marketing
tools at slashed rates.

John\'s program gives you stepwise instructions to brand your venture. The craiglists
teachings enable you to place 1000 ads every single day. Moreover, UOIS members can
access John's website to know about joint ventures and other prop up plans.

John says that branding is a skill, which has to be learned. So, what do you think?
Do you wish to change your fortune forever?

Web Site:

Contact Details: John Earl Herndon (google my name)

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