Kauffman Foundation Teams with Hot Lava Software to Deliver STEM Content via Mobile Devices

Released on: February 14, 2008, 9:07 pm

Press Release Author: Hot Lava Software

Industry: Education

Press Release Summary: Global telephony competition launches and students get first
hand experience with handheld mobile learning

Press Release Body: Haymarket, VA and Kansas City, MO (February 12, 2008) - Hot Lava
Software is teaming with the Kauffman Foundation to deliver mobile learning content
to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This teaming
effort is based on the premises that students can learn more effectively when they
relate STEM to real-world occurrences and that their STEM achievement levels can
improve by applying mobile learning to the solution of authentic problems. One of
the goals of the project includes developing context-based instructional materials
delivered via mobile devices that demonstrate the convergence of real-world events
with STEM concepts. Such access and exposure can facilitate the educational
equilibrium needed to participate in our global society.

A recent interview with Merillea J. Mayo, Ph.D., the Director of Future Learning
Initiatives for the Kauffman Foundation, and Bob Sanregret, CEO and Heather A. Katz,
Ph.D., Instructional Technologist both from Hot Lava Software, Inc., revealed
exciting news in what is being coined as the Global Telephony Competition!

So just what are the details of this exciting Global Telephony Competition.who are
the end users and how will they access, learn from, and use the STEM content?

"There are 2 to 3 billion cell phones in use around the globe. Cell phones are 40%
more prevalent than televisions, twice as common as computers. Cell phones could
represent a breakthrough opportunity to deliver education on a massive global scale,
particularly to teens, populations of third world countries and underrepresented
groups in the U.S.," said Dr. Mayo. "These demographics all use cell phones as their
primary technology device. The Global Telephony Competition you're referring to is a
large scale proof of concept. Through it, Hot Lava Software will help us answer the
question: if you could build it (cell-phone-based education), would anyone use it?
How many would use it? Thousands? Millions? Billions?"

"The end users will access the STEM content via the Hot Lava Mobile Delivery
Tracking System (MDTS) using a mobile device. Since there are over 3 billion mobile
phones in use around the world the number of possible users that can access these
mobile STEM modules is astounding! Leo Png, our partner in Singapore, put the first
round of STEM content together using LMA and the MDTS, designing the content so that
it would work on multiple devices. The MDTS senses the type of mobile device
attempting to access the module and configures the screen and content to cater to
that device. The MDTS and LMA were designed from day 1 to cater to the masses of
users who have normal mobile phones but also allow more advanced designers to add
multimedia and other advanced content elements into their LMA modules," said Mr.
Sanregret. "The challenge for the STEM project was to use least common denominator
content like images, animation and text to allow for the greatest possible reach
while maintaining the best instructional design to facilitate effective learning
while keeping the users cognitively engaged. Dr. Katz is one of the world's leaders
in mobile content instructional design. Her contributions to this project have
ensured that the content is learning effective, engaging and usable from multiple

"First, we started with a pilot consisting of 4 STEM modules - The Science of
Cycling, The Science of Table Tennis, Baseball: The Science of Swing, and Baseball
Aerodynamics. Each module was created in collaboration with STEM university
professors and myself. The Professors ensured the integrity of the science and math
content and I ensured that the content was infused with effective learning
strategies and research-based instructional design," said Dr. Katz. "The modules
will assist users in understanding the science and math behind various Olympic
sports. Hence, the users can access this information while attending Olympic
competitions, watching them on TV or when simply discussing the Olympic Games with
friends. There are also engaging quizzes that allow the user to check their
understanding of the STEM content. The goal is to associate STEM content with
everyday activities such as sports."
How will accessing STEM content via mobile devices benefit the public as well as our
global society?

"For this competition, and indeed, much of our work, we focus on science,
technology, engineering and math education because proficiency in these subjects is
so critical to one's ability to thrive in the global economy. Personal wealth, as
well as the wealth of nations, will depend on our ability to apply these fields to
the betterment of mankind." expressed Dr. Mayo.

What type of results do both the Kauffman Foundation and Hot Lava expect from this
Global Telephony Competition?

"We hope at least one person dials in. In all seriousness, every big effort like
this starts very small. I'm always amazed at how different a project looks by the
time it's done, compared to where we started." said Dr. Mayo. "By the end of this
competition, we hope to be able to report that we were able to produce the single
biggest educational event on the planet; and, that the participants enjoyed learning
what we delivered. Those two outcomes will be enough to inspire others, and
transform cell phone-based education from a novelty into a reality."

"A repeatable, replicable and recurring process for life change is the result we
feel is most critical. My Uncle Jack once told me "an idea is worth ten cents but
implementation of a good idea is worth ten million dollars." Through the vision,
passion and dedication of Dr. Mayo we - Hot Lava Software and the Kauffman
Foundation - are creating a process to bring education to the people, to all
people." Adds Mr. Sanregret. "There are over 3 billion mobile phones in the world,
some in the hands of people who will never use a PC. Success for me is designing,
creating, testing and implementing a process that will bring education to them as
well as the rest of the world."

Hot Lava has created a URL that the public can use to access these exciting STEM
modules via their mobile devices. You can access this by going to
http://hdwap.com/sport7. Follow the directions on the login page and then jump right
in to the modules.


Bob Sanregret, CEO, Hot Lava Software
+1 (703) 754-1218
Merillea J. Mayo, Ph.D., Director, Future of Learning Initiatives for the Kauffman
+1 (816) 932-1015
Laisa Bernard, Marketing Specialist, Hot Lava Software
+1 (479) 524-8468

Web Site: http://www.hotlavasoftware.com

Contact Details: Laisa Bernard
50 Culpeper
Warrenton VA 20186
(479) 524-8468

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