Keno Makes a Long Awaited Comeback to the Bingo Hall Game Line Up

Released on: February 19, 2008, 7:22 am

Press Release Author: Bingo

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Bingo is glad to inform all Keno fans that this game
has returned to claim the spot it relinquished a few months back.

Press Release Body: Just like lotto Keno as an odds game can make you win big by
investing very little and Bingo Hall is eager to please players craving this game.

As of the 2nd week of February 2008 Keno is back and better than ever, satisfying
all keno fans requests, as one of the top online Bingo sites, Bingo
( always included the game of keno in its games roster, but due to
some technical difficulties the site was

unable to keep this specific game going, many players were pretty disappointed to
see a display with the following message: "Keno game out of order until further
notice" many had an opinion about it and were not afraid to give it, and fortunately
the issues that did not allow the proper game flow were solved accordingly and once
again for the sake of Bingo Hall's keno fans, "It's business as usual" once again.

Keno unlike other odds games has a direct connection with the construction of the
"Great Wall of China" as a way to fund the battles and help the perpetuation of the
Han Dynasty. It's interesting to know this game was based on poem called the
Thousand Character Classic used to help children practice calligraphy and learn
about the 1000 characters it spoke about.

Just some food for thought it's always good to find out that many of the so called
"leisure" games have such interesting backgrounds.
The ultimate concern of the Keno player will always be winning as much as possible
and having the greatest time while doing so.


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Andrea Sawyers PR assistant

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