Largest protest in United States history looms

Released on: February 27, 2008, 5:21 pm

Press Release Author: Staff/Taxday08

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: \"The Great American Strike\" set for April 15th, 2008 is
gaining momentum.

Press Release Body: It's being called "The Great American Strike" and on April the
15th 2008 more American workers will be on strike than on any other day in our
nation's history. They won't be striking for higher pay or better working conditions
or anything you normally associate with a strike. They will be striking to abolish
the Federal Reserve and its partner in crime, the IRS.
The days of a totally ignorant public are gone and millions of Americans are aware
of the corruption that is the Federal Reserve banking system. The Fed counterfeits
money out of thin air and then "loans" it at face value to the US government and
charges interests on top of that. It's the single greatest criminal enterprise ever
invented, but some say its days are numbered.
Thomas Jefferson railed against it, as did Andrew Jackson, Thomas Edison, Henry
Ford, Barry Goldwater, John F. Kennedy and lately presidential candidate Ron Paul.
There are thousands of videos on YouTube and Google and MySpace and people are
downright angry when they find out they have been duped. Millions of Americans have
stopped filing tax returns all together and millions have been watching public tax
cases like Ed Brown, Wesley Snipes and others going back to Willie Nelson and James
Brown and Will Smith. The end of the Fed is near, and it should be, it is a
criminal act against the free people of the United States of America.
Of the many quotes that I've read while researching "the Great American Strike",
one stands out. . "You and I weren't born in a free country; let's make sure our
children are". Everyone born since 1913 has been under a system of incremental
slavery, which requires you to pay a portion of your labor to someone who hasn't
done anything. And you thought slavery had been outlawed.
Who are these shadowy characters behind this crime and where does your money go?
Those questions can't be answered in this short space, but they use the IRS as a
way to instill fear and enforce (at gunpoint if necessary) the delivery of their
ill gotten gains. Some point to the Federal Reserve as the root cause of most of
the political corruption in the US, as well as political scandals and
assassinations, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was shot in
Dallas not long after he had signed Executive Orders EO-11 and EO-110, which took
the privilege of printing money away from the Federal Reserve. Can the Federal
Reserve be connected to murder as well as theft?
On April 15th, 2008 the people who know the truth will be on strike, they will be
protesting at the Fed in New York and Boston and San Francisco, they will be
protesting at State Capitols and at local post offices, handing out information and
waving signs to make sure the rest of you are made aware, that as long as the Fed
exists..we aren't really free.

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