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Released on: February 5, 2008, 9:12 am

Press Release Author: XVEL Software

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Save time sharing your live photo with the BEST compression
method on the planet

Press Release Body: Save time, money and effort while sharing and storing your live
photos. Take advantage of the BEST photo compression method available on the planet.
Quickly and easily unite any number of photos into highly-compressed, easy to post
or e-mail, albums and rich slideshows that can be viewed on any computer without
installing any helper software including Love2Photo itself!

Feel the love from your family and friends when they receive these fast-loading
albums 2 times faster, view and print it directly from the Web or local media with
just 1 mouse click on any computer.
Let people focus on the beauty of your photos and not the way of opening them.

You can easily protect your albums with a password, extract photo, organize pictures
by date and name, add descriptions, and more!

You\'ll save time sending, copying, backing-up and moving photos thanks to
Love2Photo\'s compression capabilities. And your friends and family will save time
downloading your albums or viewing them online.

Avoid the pain and effort of emailing huge photo files that often end up exceeding
an ISP\'s file size limits. Stop suffering the disappointment of not being able to
share your best photos with others because of limited message size.
Click your mouse and Love2Photo will automatically compress photos selecting the
best compression routine to fit email size restrictions.

Love2Photo Helps Your PC Run Faster Too! It\'s a fact that the more files you have in
the system the slower your computer runs. With thousand of files you need to run
frequent disk checks and defragmentation routines just to keep the system alive.
With Love2Photo you\'ll be able to compress thousands of image files into compact
one-file albums. Your PC will thank you!

And you can easily give this software as a gift motivating friends to send you hot
photo whenever they have one. Just select the Gift option when you order Love2Photo.

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