Released on: February 29, 2008, 6:37 pm

Press Release Author: Jordyn K Borczon / MLC PR

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: M. Loring Communications and MLC PR reach new heights in
music promotion by offering both music publicity and radio promotion services within
the same corporation.

Press Release Body: Los Angeles, CA (February 29, 2008) - M. Loring Communications
(MLC), will be officially relaunching as a full service music promotion firm in
March 2008. The firm will be offering artist development, radio promotion, music
licensing and corporate sponsorship acquirement to quality unsigned acts as well as
artists signed to major and indie record labels. Clientele from M. Loring
Communications and sister corporation, MLC PR, will have the option to seamlessly
crossover services, thus receiving comprehensive promotional and developmental
services in an effective and efficient manner.

The harmony between M. Loring Communications and MLC PR is a ground-breaking
initiative. Until now, radio promotion, music publicity, corporate sponsorship,
music licensing, artist development and consultation have never been offered within
one place of business where a team of individuals can work hand-in-hand to promote
and develop an artist.

President, Mona Loring, will be overseeing artist development at M. Loring
Communications while heading publicity at MLC PR. Loring has acquired Jennifer
Lyneis, a radio promoter from Sony Records, to head up the radio promotion division
at M. Loring Communications. Lyneis will also be spearheading corporate sponsorship
and music licensing services to the new firm's clientele.

The origin of M. Loring Communications traces back to when Mona Loring first started
the firm for her public relations business practice. The company began as a small
literary and lifestyle PR firm, and then ultimately relinquished its position when
MLC PR started to develop significant roots in the entertainment industry. Although
Loring had plans for M. Loring Communications, they were temporarily placed on the
backburner. Since then, Loring has decided that there was a niche to be filled in
the music industry and thus, she needed to expand her publicity services into a full
service music promotion firm.

"All of us at MLC PR and M. Loring Communications are very excited about this
development," says Loring. "The music industry is hungry for not only qualified
publicists who effectively promote artists, but also for radio promoters that will
get their music heard on the radio. Music licensing, artist development and
corporate sponsorship go hand in hand with PR and radio play, so we will be offering
that as well. We want everyone in the today's music industry to know that we are
all-inclusive when it comes to music promotion. There is a niche to be filled and we
can do it. From unsigned indie artists to major labels, we want to provide it all."

M. Loring Communications' fundamental strategy is to offer artists, managers, and
major and independent labels comprehensive promotional and developmental services.
The company plans to break artists, crossing underground artists into mainstream
acts and taking major hitters to brand new heights. Through the various services
available, music industry professionals can rest assured that M. Loring
Communications will provide everything they have ever needed in a promotional music
service firm. There will be no need to look elsewhere as everything will be
available in one place with the consistent top-notch integrity and service MLC PR
has been known to provide.

For more information please visit both M. Loring Communications and MLC PR at:
www.mloringcommunications.com or www.monaloring.com.

For more information on Mona Loring, MLC PR, or M. Loring Communications please
contact Jordyn K. Borczon at 805/217.5537 or Jordyn@monaloring.com.


About MLC PR

MLC PR is a top-tier public relations firm specializing in literary, lifestyle and
entertainment communication services. Clients include celebrities from TV, film and
music, authors and publishing houses, medical professionals, industry experts and
various businesses. MLC PR works intimately with clients to provide strategic PR
support that helps them achieve their goals.

About M. Loring Communications (MLC)

M. Loring Communications (AKA MLC) is a music promotion firm specializing in radio
promotion, artist development and consulting services.

About Jennifer Lyneis

Jennifer Lyneis, has over ten years of radio promotion and corporate sponsorship
experience, and has held prestigious positions in music and entertainment
industries. She has served as the head of artist development and adult contemporary
promotion at TJ Promotion, worked with Warner Brothers Records, and was head of
promotion at Sony Records. Lyneis has promoted artists such as Jack Johnson, Guster,
Tyler Hilton, Nelly Furtado, Michelle Branch, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morisette, Brian
McKnight, and many others.

Web Site: http://www.monaloring.com

Contact Details: M. Loring Communications
PO Box 1096
Agoura Hills, CA 91376
PHONE: 805-231-3182
EMAIL: jordyn@monaloring.com
WEBSITE: www.monaloring.com

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