Morph Labs introduces the Morph Application Platform - On demand Platform as a Service for Web applications

Released on: February 10, 2008, 7:30 am

Press Release Author: Macel Legaspi / Morph Labs

Industry: Computers

Press Release Summary: Morph Labs introduces Morph Application Platform, on-demand
platform service for web applications

Press Release Body: LOS ANGELES - February 5th, 2008. Morph Labs today introduced
the Morph Application Platform, a groundbreaking on-demand elastic Platform as a
Service for Web applications. The Morph Application Platform provides ISVs,
entrepreneurs and businesses with an integrated service delivery and management
platform for Web 2.0 applications. The platform is powered by Amazon Web Services
and provides an on-demand elastic infrastructure capable of growing and shrinking to
meet the demands of the application.

The Morph Application Platform, preview available at, removes
many of the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and ISVs seeking to enter the
Software as a Service (SaaS) market. The SaaS Market, according to Gartner, is
expected to break $12 Billion (from $6.5 Billion in 2007) in 2012. It (SaaS) has
been considered by Saugatuck Technology as the software industry's hottest market
sector. In less than a year, Software as a Service has "now gone from point-solution
curiosity to mission-critical applications for user enterprises."

"The Morph Application Platform will accelerate SaaS adoption by lowering the
technical and economic barriers related to SaaS deployments. To the entrepreneur -
he gets the best available technology to get his ideas to market. Indeed,
simplifying his innovation," says Winston Damarillo, Chairman of Morph Labs.

By using the Morph Application Platform, developers can focus on business logic,
application presentation and strategic differentiators allowing them to innovate,
not administrate.

The Morph Application Platform brings scalability, simplicity, and cost-efficiency
to the application deployment process. There is no hardware to buy or lease, no
software to install and configure, and no idle intervals to get the application up
and running. The Morph Application Platform provides a near instant deployment
environment, giving developers the flexibility to startup, size, resize and shutdown
application environments at will.

The Morph Application Platform combines open source and in-house developed
technologies into a single on-demand solution. For each application, incoming web
traffic is properly routed to the individual environments no matter where the
applications live physically in the compute GRID. Load balancing, security,
monitoring, and high availability are already built into the platform. Individual
applications have a web application delivery stack as well as access to high speed
caching, their own database instance, multi-tenancy APIs, search services, e-mail
gateways and OpenID services. The combination of technologies, and configuration
expertise and continuous management by Morph Labs makes the Morph Application
Platform a simple choice for
Web 2.0 applications.

Developers will be able to subscribe to a Morph AppSpaces to get started with the
Morph Application Platform. These application centric environments can be scaled up
or down on-the-fly based upon performance needs, equipping developers the ability to
offer world-class service delivery without having to overpay for the services needed
to effectively run their applications.

"A Morph AppSpace is similar to a serviced office for your application," says David
Abramowski, CEO of Morph Labs. "In just a few minutes you are able to move your
application in and instantly have an elastic web application delivery system with
high availability, load balancing, backup & recovery, database, monitoring as well
as a host of common services."

The Morph Application Platform, Ruby on Rails edition is currently available in
limited beta for developer preview and testing. Morph AppSpace subscriptions are
expected to be available in early Q2 2008, starting at approximately $35 per month
for an entry level web application.

About Morph Labs Inc.
Morph Labs Inc. is a Philippine-based Web 2.0 technology company focused
on providing innovative technologies and applications to support Software as a
Service (SaaS) globally. Headquartered in Cebu, Philippines with operations in
Manila, Los Angeles California and Austin Texas USA, Morph Labs is poised to become
the leading provider of on-demand applications and delivery platforms.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Macel Legaspi
Marketing Manager
Morph Labs, Inc.

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