Music Legends Flo and Eddie Give Back Catalog The CD Treatment

Released on: February 25, 2008, 11:27 am

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Press Release Summary: Legendary Turtles members Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan
re-issue Flo & Eddie catalog on CD

Press Release Body: 2/25/08 - Nashville, TN - Music industry legends Mark Volman and
Howard Kaylan, founding members of the legendary music group The Turtles featuring
Flo & Eddie, have recently reissued their back catalog on CD. Two titles in
particluar appear on compact disc for the very first time. Volman and Kaylan, along
with The Turtles, have sold over 60 million records worldwide, and have sung on hit
records for such notable artists as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, T. Rex, Todd
Rundgren and Ozzy Osbourne. Along with The Turtles, Flo & Eddie have toured
continuously for the past three decades, building on their legacy as one of the most
successful musical groups in the history of recorded music.

After an exhausting but historic stint with music icon Frank Zappa in 1972, Volman
and Kaylan signed a solo deal with Warner Bros records under the guise of Flo &
Eddie and released several critically acclaimed albums. Produced and written by Mark
and Howard \'The Phloresent Leach & Eddie\' was the duo\'s first release on Warners in
1972 and featured former Mothers of Invention members Don Preston, Jim Pons and
Aynsley Dunbar. Recorded at Ike Turner\'s \"Bolic Sound\" studio in Inglewood, CA, \"The
material was much closer to the songs we had been writing during the final stages of
The Turtles\", says Volman. \"We did new versions of two songs that we actually
recorded in our final Turtle \'Shell Shocked\' recording.\" The album, with cover art
designed by Henry Diltz and Gary Burden of CSN&Y, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Brown
fame, received much praise by fans and critics alike upon release and has since
become a collectors item.

To accompany the Alice Cooper \'Billion Dollar Babies\' world tour in 1973-74, in
which Flo & Eddie were the opening act, the duo released their second eponymous LP.
The album was produced by Alice Cooper producer Bob Ezrin and engineered by Jack
Douglas and Shelly Yakus. Featuring Lou Reed/Alice Cooper guitarist Steve Hunter,
the LP showcased some great cover songs, including the Small Faces \"Afterglow\",
which many consider one of the best songs Flo & Eddie ever recorded.

Both LP\'s have remained out of print and sought after by music collectors, who have
been asking for a CD release of these two albums for over 27 years. Much to the
elation of Flo & Eddie fans worldwide the time has come! \"It\'s great for us to
finally live up to the promises we have been making for the past 20 years\", says
Volman. \" \'They\'re coming, we promise\'. Well, they are finally here. We are so glad
to be able to present them in their unchanged state. We have tried to improve the
sound so it would showcase the musicians and the songs. These records were the first
opportunity for us to write, produce and perform songs that made sense to us at the

Along with the reissuing of the first two Flo & Eddie albums on compact disc is the
release of the band\'s hilarious 1975 live album \'Illegal, Immoral and Fattening\' and
1976\'s \'Moving Targets\'. Although both titles have been previously issued on CD, the
sound quality and packaging, including extensive liner notes, of the new reissues
are superior. In the case of \'Illegal, Immoral and Fattening\', which for the most
part was recorded live at the Roxy in L.A., music writer Alan Robinson explains,
\"There\'s enough profanity to warrant a big \'Parental Advisory\' sticker on the cover,
and it\'s more the laughs of the Class Clown (George Carlin) than perhaps Lenny Bruce
or Richard Pryor. Amongst their targets are Joni Mitchell and even Carl \'Kung Fu
Fighting\' Douglas, exposing the pretentions of Rock\'s then elite, as well as the
sappiness of transient trends.\" \'Moving Targets\' is rather \"more an attempt to make
a more \'straight\' sounding record\", says Robinson, \"with stuff that could actually
get played on the radio.\" Although the album did not receive much airplay at the
time, it did contain a re-recorded version of The Turtles 1967 hit \"Elenore\", as
well as the clever and endearing \"Keep It Warm\".

Flo & Eddie\'s CD reissues can be obtained through the duo\'s official website as well
as Amazon.

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